11 Tips for Shooting with a Smartphone Camera

  1. Don’t use zoom, get closer to the object of the photo
    The lens in a smartphone camera usually has a 25 to 28mm focal length which in the realm of photography is known as a wide-angle lens, which is why objects appear smaller than they really are.
    And we are often tempted to pinch to zoom when shooting with him. Avoid this, because digitally zooming like this is like you are cropping photos on a computer, the resolution of the photo goes down and truncates.
    The more powerful we zoom, the greater the degradation of photo resolution.
    To avoid this, zoom with your feet, approaching the photo and photographic objects closely.
    If your child gets a trophy because of the speech champion at school and you are desperate to take pictures with a smartphone camera, there must be a tendency to zoom in.
    If you can get out of the bench and approach the stage, photograph these important moments from as close as you can, no shame.
    Even better and if you can, buy a smartphone that has a dual camera on the style of the iPhone 8 Plus that has a wide lens and semi-telephoto lens, so it doesn’t need to zoom digitally.

  2. Make sure the light that illuminates the object is sufficient
    Mobile phone cameras are not as sensitive as our eyes can see in the dim. Try to make sure that the light that illuminates the object is sufficient, the results of outdoor photos tend to be better than the indoor.
    If available, use flash when shooting indoor. But keep in mind that the effective distance of the flash is around 2-3 meters, so don’t expect you to be able to illuminate the entire room with flash.

  3. Hold the cellphone as stable as possible
    The more stable the camera, the better our photos. So try to keep our hands calm when taking photos.
    If necessary, use a more stable object as a backrest, such as a tree or wall to help stabilize the hand.
    Many people take pictures of food with a smartphone camera, if you are serious and capable, buy a tripod table like this.
    Meja Table top for smartphone
  4. Read tips about composition
    Knowledge of good composition will help us take better pictures. Try reading these short composition tips. Some composition rules help make photos more “neat” and look stronger. But don’t be too stiff that all photos must follow the composition rules, because the photographer’s taste and intuition are also worth following.

  5. Try shooting from an unusual place
    Photos made from a mediocre angle, the results will also be mediocre.
    For that, try shooting from an unusual angle, such as squatting and shooting from a lower angle than the photo object.
    That way our photos give a special impression that is not normally seen by normal human eyes.

  6. Choose the best smartphone you can afford
    Like it or not, it must be admitted, smartphones with better camera specifications will make it easier for photographers to produce better photos than ordinary smartphones.
    The camera on the iPhone X or Pixel 2 or the Galaxy S9 has a dynamic range, color reproduction and better shooting capabilities in low light conditions.
    They also have more sophisticated features like portrait mode like the photo below.
    If a premium smartphone like that is out of reach, some smartphone budget categories can be an option.
    Alternative smartphones with more affordable prices such as Huawei Honor, Moto G or Xiaomi Mi6 are known to have excellent cameras at prices far below the 3 premium names.

  7. Make sure the lens is always clean
    No matter how good we are and how good the photo object is, but if our lenses are dirty, the results must be ugly.
    Considering that our old cellphones are in the bag, the old dirt will stick to the camera lens, so periodically clean the lens from dirt.
    Use a soft cloth to clean, do not need any liquid. If exposed to oil, use an LCD cleaning liquid or glasses.

  8. Recognize shutter interval
    Mobile phone cameras have what is called shutter lag, namely the time lag between when we squeeze and when the camera starts taking photos.
    Unlike DSLR cameras that take lightning fast as we press the exposure, the cellphone is pretty slow.
    Recognize this pause well so that our hands remain calm shortly after we press the shutter.

  9. Choose a good photo editing app
    Mobile has some default photo processing features that are quite interesting (and funny), try selecting a good quality photo editing app that makes it easy for you to do important editing.
    Please read the best photography app for Andorid and for IOS.

  10. Photos as often as possible
    We must be grateful to live in the digital age so that no matter how much we take pictures, we don’t need to spend extra costs.
    Imagine if you take pictures using films, how many rolls should you buy? Therefore, do not hesitate and doubt, take as many shots as possible as often as possible until the memory on your cellphone is full, the more we take pictures the more good results

  11. Give the right filter effect, don’t overdo it
    Actually this is subjective, but according to most people if the photo has been filtered too much, the results are actually not good.
    Edit with the main goal to strengthen the impression of the photo, not to decorate it.
    If you use a good photo editing app like the points above, just adjust the contrast, vignette, crop and add mood that helps photos look cooler without being impressed with excessive filters.
    Look at the photo gallery of world photography award nominees with this smartphone and what are the impressions that arise? according to Belfot the majority of selected photos are photos that give a simple impression and not too much polished.



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