If Simcard is Unreadable do not Panic, Here's the Solution

If the simcard on the phone is unreadable, do not panic because there is still a solution to work normally again. Emy Octawati's experience (22) a student, did not know what to do because his smartphone is not working properly. He can not call, send short message service (SMS) or surfing in cyberspace.

"Right now, I have used a new mobile phone but still use the old simcard because it is still working, but a few months ago there was no error in the service provided by the phone operator as usual," explained the virgin birth of Demak, October 27, 1992.

  • BB Z3 Simcard Error
Students of Accounting Science University of Semarang (USM) was then asked to a friend and got a solution to reinstall the battery and simcard. "My phone turned off, the battery and my simcard dislodged a few minutes.I see, the simcard is also not damaged.After that, I plug it in again," continued Emy.

Her friend's suggestion was successful. The phone network on the smartphone reads again. "Until now, I'm no longer utak afraid of error again.It has never been taken to the gallery but because it does not happen, I assume the error happened just then," said Emy.

Currently, Idea Meubel employees and interior design of Semarang has a new mobile phone. This latest mobile phone simcard slot requires nano simcard for operator network. "Because it takes nano simcard, I bought a starter pack and brought it to the counter for cutting using a kind of tool to make the parts around the chip, I put it right, hopefully it's not an error like the previous phone," Emy hopes.

Solichul Huda, an IT Expert from Udinus Semarang advises. Simcard is an important component of mobile phones related to phone, SMS, and internet data packets. Proper installation and not often released make the simcard is not easily damaged. However, if forced to be often removed tide, note the following points.

When installing simcard, barcode simcard do not get touched dirty goods. It can make the phone can not read data on the simcard. If the simcard is owned more than the number of sim slots on the phone, save and wrap the unused simcard using soft goods, such as tissues. If any save, it can damage the barcode inside the simcard and cause network damage.

Currently, in addition to regular simcard (micro) is also often found mobile phone slot that can only be filled with nano type simcard. Some telecom providers have set up a simcard nano but some have to be cut to fit the size.

Cutting can be done at counter or gallery of telecommunication service providers. Most importantly, the barcode simcard should not be damaged during cutting. Pieces must also fit to get in the slot simcard mobile phone. If not fitting, mobile phone can not read simcard.
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