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Tips to become a writer

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Tips to become a writer

1. Preparation
Preparation of tools, such as computers, pens, pencils, and so forth. If you do not have a computer, you can borrow your friend’s computer or to the nearest computer rental.
Preparation of time to create short stories / articles.
Prepare insights. Writing also needs widespread insight.
2. Implementation
Create short stories or articles that attract people to read.
Search for media with friends that match your work so it can be published.
Do not despair if you can not be published yet. Keep making better work and never bored to send back to the mass media.
Keep exercising, never be satisfied. In addition, follow the author’s communication so you are more encouraged to menhasilkan writing that leih good.
3. Promotion and marketing
Look for possible media to publish your work.
Submitting the results along with the surriculum vitae containing your menullic experience is a plus.
Mood. The mood of the writer can affect the results of writing he made. If the mood of the writer while unstable will cause congestion of ideas in pouring ideas in a writing.
Time. Writing also takes time apart.
Your writing always fails to publish.

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