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How to Make Wallpaper Blog for Adsense

This time I tried to re-share an article How to use a Blog Wallapaper to get money from Adsense. I got this article from let's look at the following article:

How do I earn money from google adsense with Blog Wallpaper? Before going on there was actually a feeling of inferiority when I wanted to write this article, knowing that in terms of make money online I was still a beginner, I could only see the $ change coming in and also out there were still many more weighty articles. But after thinking about it, let this article be my personal record at the same time it might be useful for those who are new / newbies in the world of adsense. 

As I wrote in the article "Dredging Dollars from Google Adsense" that it turns out to get dollar coins through google adsense is not too difficult. And this is what I did to get coins through Google Adsense. I am sure you all already know what Google Adsense is, if bro, Sis doesn't know what Google Adsense is, bro, first look for a guide on another blog about what Google Adsense wallpaper Income from Google Adsense with Blog Wallpaper And this is what I did to get coins from Google Adsense with a blog wallpaper

Keyword research on google (google keyword tool). Select one main keyword and make it as a domain name.
Look for other keywords that are related to the main keyword to be used as the title of the article
Collect images / wallpapers that match the keywords of the article that will be made as the title of the article. Pictures for wallpapers from other blogs / websites use Google, Bing or Yahoo. Let me be more respectful who has a picture to tell in the article from where bro take the picture so the one who has the picture is not angry
So that the capacity of the game is not too large, edit it first in a photo editor program like Photoshop. In Photoshop, save the file by file, safe for web n device
Buy domains (domains according to keywords that have been obtained from the google keywoord tool). Cheap domains can be purchased at and look for coupon codes so bro can get a cheaper price (not up to $ 5). Like the word mastery buy the .com, .net or .org extension domain
Buy hosting (not recommended IIX hosting)
Connect the name and hosting domain then create a blog using wordpress CMS
Install the plugin for SEO purposes
Install a template that supports the blog wallpaper (example template that I use for $ 5 and for $ 10.) Templates that cost $ 10 can be used for auto blogs and AGC (Risk of own responsibility)
Posting articles MANUALly routinely for a month (For the first week I post regularly 5 articles every day and then one article every day).
Pray so the visitors will be so many opportunities to click more ads
ATTENTION! What to avoid:

At the time of keyword research do not set target visitors from Indonesia (Most Indo people are lazy to click on ads: ngakak)
Don't buy IIX hosting servers. So try to buy hosting from abroad
From this explanation, the author uses a blog from wordpress, then how if we use a blog from a Blogspot, it is certainly better if we can use the blog.the advantage if we use Blogger Blogspot is:1. We don't mess around with domain problems, hosting that we have to update every year.2. Easy to use3. If visitor traffic is high, the blog does not become down.For the problem of my suggestion template you can use the WowPaper Blogger TemplateDownload here
Screen shoot template:
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