The Titanic II Ship Will Begin Sailing In 2022 Through The Same Path

The biggest luxury cruise ship ever, Titanic seems to be back when Titanic II is expected to make its first cruise for two weeks in 2022. The construction continues after the end of a dispute involving financial resources.

The Titanic II ships will sail from Dubai to Southampton, England and continue their journey to New York. It will pass through the same route as the original Titanic ship drowned in North Altantik in April 1912.

"The ship will follow the original travel route, bringing passengers from Southampton to New York.

"Titanic II is a unique project that will give unprecedented exposure and is for the public interest," said Blue Line chairman, Clive Palmer to the MSN portal.

These replicas are reported to have the same passenger number of 2,400 people with 900 crews, but more importantly, they will be equipped with modern navigation features and security technologies, including adequate rescue boats.

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