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5 techniques of photography art

1. Depth of field (sharp space)

Things that affect sharp space:

-Distance of shooting (far = wide, close =       narrow)

- Diaphragm opening (small = wide, large.  = narrow)

- Distance of focus lens / focal length (tele = narrow, wide = wide, normal = can be adjusted)

2. Panning

-Panning is one way to give the impression of motion in the photo.

-When panning, you must follow the object while aiming.

-The photo results make the object become relatively sharp compared to the background which is almost completely blurry.

-To get maximum panning photos; with low speed (8-60), and use a tripod (three feet).

3. Slow & stop action

-Slow action

one of the photographic techniques that aims to show / capture object movements. Usually low speed is used, between 1/30 to 1 second

-Stop action

the opposite of slow, which is a photographic technique to aim to freeze the motion of an object. Usually high speed is used, between 1/125 to 1/4000 or more.

4. Zooming

-Zooming is a photo technique to give the impression of motion by changing the focal length of the lens.

- Changing the focal length can only be done with a zoom lens.

-To get the impression of motion, you must use a shutter speed of no more than 1/30 second.

-To get maximum zooming photos, wear a tripod (three feet)

5. Bulb

-Shutter speed can be adjusted according to the time we want.

-This technique is done by holding the shutter release button for longer.

-To get the maximum results of the bulb photo, a release cable and a tripod can be used.

-For example, we use the speed of 30 seconds until the light recording time runs out.

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