3 Secrets to Getting Exotic Photos in Nature

  1. Everything starts with yourself
    Start asking yourself what do you like about nature? Maybe you think this is a trivial thing, but this will help you to focus on one thing, because most of us can answer “I like everything from nature.”
    Okay, you can answer like that, but one thing you need to know is that when you want to take pictures, you have to know what you really need to take pictures, not to like everything so you don’t know what to take.
    Okay, let’s narrow down the question, what elements do you like? You can try to write it on paper, or if it feels old-fashioned, can it be written on your smartphone memo maybe?
    If you like flowers, write it down, if you like insects, trees or rocks, sand, waves or whatever.
    There is nothing wrong with your answer, no one has the right to judge the good and bad things you like, because that is the right of your authority.
    By writing it down, you can be more specific when photographing natural landscapes later, so you begin to see your shooting skills trained on certain objects that you like.

  2. How far are you shooting
    You can take pictures from a long distance, or from a very close distance to your object, as long as the element you want to portray is clearly visible in the frame.
    Let’s see from the example photo below
    In the photo above, which is a natural element that I portray is trees that appear to line up on a slope, plus bamboo ornaments and wooden hut supports.
    Now let’s change the elements we are going to take, but still from the same angle, this time I step back a little and take the water droplet element on the dry coconut leaf midrib.
    You can see the difference between the two photos, even though the angles and objects do not differ much, but when we change the distance and focal point, it will have an overall impact on your photos.
    One illustration, when you take a picture of a tree as a whole, and try to walk closer, so close that the bark is clearly visible, you will get a new perspective, it can even be a new meaning for your photo.

  3. Get out and take a picture
    This third secret is actually the most effective, haha.
    Even if you have all the best techniques and ways of photographing in the world, it’s useless if you don’t take your camera, step outside, and start photographing the natural beauty you meet.
    Even though maybe you already have a series of ideas in your head, but in fact what you meet can be so different from what you think.
    When seeing something that catches your eye, go close and learn if it’s an element that you like.
    But of course it does not rule out other elements, because the key to photographing nature is to let you be open to objects in nature, and learn and study again.


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