When you start your career as a photographer, then learn how to use your camera first. However, thinking about this can make you confused, because the camera is only a tool that has the ability to record light.
    When you walk out to take pictures, the first thing you have to think about is light, and not a camera. How is the weather today? Is it bright? or cloudy? How strong is light that can be obtained? Is it soft or contrast? Where is the direction of light? Is it from the front, or from the back? Is there light made? What color does it display?
    This is what is first sought by every photographer (both beginner and experienced) every time they want to start shooting. Why? Because the light will have a significant effect in shooting and the settings you use. Even the slightest change in direction of light when you shoot can change the quality of your photos. Therefore, you cannot study your camera properly, if you don’t understand the light first.
    Once you understand the light and know the photo what you want, then that’s when you think about camera settings. For example, do you want your photos to look sharp, or do you want to have photos with a bokeh effect in the background? Do you want to use a normal lens, or a wide-angle lens? It all depends on your choice of settings.
    This may sound difficult to do because there is too much of this and that, even though it only takes one photo. However, if you start shooting with various settings, it can eventually become a habit. Just as when you learn to play basketball or golf, doing it the right way, it might seem unnatural and strange at first, but over time, you will eventually get used to it. The same is true for managing your camera. The more you know the benefits of shooting, then you will not be disappointed when you spend enough time to set up your camera before starting shooting.
    Turn off your auto camera and start experimenting with the settings you have made. For example, setting the aperture, shutter, and manual mode. Some photos look good with manual mode, and sometimes it makes sense to always take pictures using manual mode, but the manual mode is not better than the shutter or aperture priority mode. All of this depends on the situation where you are shooting. That is why, be wise in determining your settings.
    Do a variety of experiments with the settings you make. For example, try taking pictures with different zoom settings on your lens, as well as aperture and shutter speed. Besides that, try also to take pictures with different ISOs. Don’t be afraid to use a high ISO when you can’t have a tripod.
    When you are in the path of a photographer, remember that composition plays an important role in shaping your image. A good picture is obtained when you have a good composition for your photos. Because the right composition can make your photos interesting and cool. But if you set your composition incorrectly, then there is only an ordinary picture. Don’t take pictures right away when you see something interesting, but compose it. The biggest difference between a snapshot image (without composition) and an image that has a composition is thought. For example, when you see something interesting, it is better to think of the best way to take the picture, instead of being directly photographed. Where is the best place to take the picture? Can I insert other elements in the image or not to produce complex images? When faced with the situation, think about composition.
    Color is a very important element in photography. Therefore, learn how to take pictures using the right colors. Color creates amazing effects on your photos. Learn the color quality that light / light can cause? Is the color produced good or not? Does the color reduce image quality or not? Everything must be learned when you want to live your life as a photographer.
    In addition, the ability to determine the right color for your photos will go along with the inspection process after shooting. Because at that time you have the opportunity to re-examine the results of your photos through the software that you have prepared.
    Post-photo screening is very important to develop your vision and become a good photographer. Use Adobe Lightroom to help you carry out post-photo checks. But, if you don’t like it, you can use Adobe Photoshop and other software. The right software can help you to create good images.
    Printing the results obtained is one of the best ways to ensure that your photos are really good according to the post-shooting examination through software. Because sometimes, the results displayed in the monitor are not always the same as the original when printed. That is why, to find out whether or not your photo is good, it is better to print.
    Printing results is very much liked by almost all photographers, because besides they can directly see the final results of the photos they take, they can also make a few changes in the photo.
    This is very simple, but it is the key to everything. That is how to take pictures. Many people only bring their cameras when going on vacation or on a trip. For example, they go to places that almost everyone has visited to take pictures, such as mountains, zoos, city parks, unique places, and a country full of historical buildings. Indeed this is good, but do more. Bring your camera at any time and try to take pictures of every moment you experience every day. For example, when you are using a telephone. Without your realizing it, you can create interesting and good photos by doing things like that.
    The best photographers are those who can take good pictures in mediocre places. Do this. Go out, wherever you want. For example, a place that an ugly person might say to take a picture, but try it. Because you don’t know what you will get if you don’t try it. This can help to improve your photography skills.
    To be a photographer is required. If you want, then you can. Photography is a challenging thing and worth trying and living. Indeed photography doesn’t guarantee that you can always get good results forever. But, as long as you keep trying, you can get it.



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