This blog
is a collection of small blogs randomly or randomly term the people of
the field / minang “a nan takana” (What is remembered, What is the

This blog is just a sharing and try to share what knowledge and experience we have, in Bahasa Indonesia.
very likely and apologize if not systematic, not sequential, of course
not complete, as expected. But at least can complement and add insight
that already exists.

Because the admin is also human, not a master anyway, not mastering may be only sekedarnya.

Instead of
scattering notes useless, and just disappearing, why not share them
online and offline for free worldwide, if possible. Sharing and sharing, and providing solutions, in case anyone needs.

We try to make a tutorial, as best we can.

a little more useful for smua. But we also do not refuse any donations
of any kind to support this blog, so that better and more complete in
the future. Giving donations considering helping us voluntarily or
simply voluntary donations.