Advantages of Using Fix Lens

  1. Costs
    Lots of modern fix lenses that are on average cheaper than zoom lenses.
    The 24mm f / 2.8m lens can start at a price of 2 million, while the cheapest 24-70mm f / 2.8 lens is still at 10 million.
    Even if you buy several fix lenses such as 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm it can still be cheaper than buying 24-70mm earlier.
    For this reason, many photographers choose to use a fix lens, because of the price.
    For them, it’s still better to buy some fix lenses, but it’s better than buying a zoom lens that is rather cheap but the quality is reduced.

  2. Size and weight
    Surprisingly enough, some photographers who are “fairly new” often ask about the 70-200mm f / 2.8 lens.
    Really, if this lens is so sharp, it has good autofocus, and it is quite resistant to extreme conditions.
    However, this lens is really really big. And if you carry this hanging on your neck, it might hurt all your neck.
    You can already understand that this cool zoom lens is not for everyone, given the lightweight camera a la mirrorless boom.
    Well, fix lenses on the other hand offer practicality both in terms of weight and size.
    Believe it or not, those who have fix lenses use their cameras more often than those who have telephoto lenses all this time!

  3. As a Learning Method for Photographers
    Many photographers believe that situations where we have to zoom in the old way (yes, back and forth) are the best way to learn about composition and photo angles.
    Many also argue that using a lens fix will accelerate the photographer’s knowledge in maximizing the lens and the “makeshift” situation.
    But apart from this matter of opinion, you should take the time to try both types of lenses, yes lens fix, yes zoom lens.

  4. Bokeh
    OK, honestly, the first reason we want to buy a digital camera is so that our photo background can blur, right?
    Well, in this case the zoom lens is rather difficult to pursue the fix lens specifications.
    The maximum aperture on a zoom lens in general is f / 2.8.
    While a fix lens has an aperture of f / 1.4, it’s already quite common, some even have f / 1.1.
    This wider aperture / opening not only gives our camera the ability to capture more light so it can be more flexible, but also gives us a better backgorund blur effect, better bokeh.

  5. Low-Light
    Still in connection with the explanation of the previous points, a wider aperture will allow light to enter the sensor 2-3x than usual.
    What makes a fix lens have a wider aperture?
    The answer is because there is no need to zoom, the optical design of fix lens is simpler than a zoom lens.
    This allows fix lenses to have a wide aperture, even up to f / 1.1.

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