Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing and Video 4K

Along with the development of computer technology, PC games are also developing. In modern PC games, it almost certainly has an interesting gameplay and stunning graphic display. Examples
of popular games are Overwatch, GTA V, CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global
Offensive), Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, PES
2017, and so on.

PC games have even been equipped with VR or Virtual Reality technology
so that the players can interact directly with the game environment
simulation played.
Computers as one of the entertainment media can certainly run various kinds of modern games. However, of course not all computers can run these games. Only computers with the label “gaming” or have specifications that match the needs of the game that can run it. Indeed, modern PC games have various features that can spoil their players. To
be able to enjoy the features of the game, of course need an adequate
computer device so that it can provide a more exciting and enjoyable
game playing experience.

Then, what kind of computers can run modern games? How are the specifications? In
this article, Tekno Jempol will explain the specifications of the
standard gaming PC in 2017. What is meant by standard means mid-end
specifications to be able to run games optimally.
Remember, most of the latest PC games have needs specifications that are not much different. The following is the explanation

Best Desktop Computer for Photo Editing and Video 4K

Processor 4 Core/Threads or Higher

First, modern PC games in 2017 require at least a CPU or quad core processor (has 4 cores) or has 4 threads. The
number of cores / threads will certainly make the game performance more
optimal so that the gameplay feels smooth and comfortable without
experiencing lag.
A dual core processor (having 2 cores) can actually run several modern games such as DOTA 2 and PES 2017.

if you want to run an openworld simulation game like GTA or a game that
requires high CPU resources, the dual core processor will feel less

Inilah Spesifikasi PC Gaming Standar Tahun 2017
Credit :

Keep in mind, the CPU or processor used is minimally produced 3 years / generation back. Because, if you use an older generation processor, of course the performance is far behind the latest generation of processors. After all, the 3-generation rear processor is still found on the market so you can still buy it.

Older generation processors will no longer be produced so there are only second hand products on the market. Examples of processors that match the specifications of 2017 PC gaming this time include

  • Intel Core Generation to-4 (Haswell)
    • Seri Core i3*, example Core i3-4150, 4160, 4350, 4360, etc.
    • Seri Core i5, example Core i5-4460, 4590, etc.
  • AMD APU  Generation toe-4 (Kaveri)
    • Seri APU A8, example A8-7600, 7650K, etc.
    • Seri APU A10, example A10-7700K, 7800, 7850K, etc.
    • Seri Athlon X4, example Athlon X4 840, 860K, etc.
  • Seri AMD FX, misal FX-8310, 8320E, 8370, etc.

*) Intel Core i3 just use 2 core, but thanks to HyperThreading technology can execute 4 threads

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GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)/VGA Card with DirectX 11 support and VRAM 2GB

One important component that should not be left on a Gaming PC is a VGA Card or graphics card. This component will process the graphic features of a game into a stunning display. Therefore, to get a good game display, a VGA Card with an optimal gaming performance is needed. Especially if most of the latest games are very burdensome graphics devices to produce a comfortable appearance.

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this time the specifications of the 2017 PC gaming are minimal, a VGA
Card that supports DirectX 11 is needed and has a 2GB VRAM (Video RAM).
VGA cards with these specifications certainly can run modern PC games with high resolution. Currently
there are many VGA cards that have supported DirectX 12 since the
presence of Windows 10. However, most modern PC games still use the
DirectX 11 base.

Just like a processor, a VGA Card that is used at least with a GPU 3 years / generation back. The reason for its performance is still quite adequate and can still be found on the market. Some examples of GPUs that match the specifications of the 2017 PC gaming this time include

  • AMD Radeon seri 200, ex R7 265, R9 270
  • NVIDIA Geforce
    • Seri GTX 600, ex GTX 650 Ti, 660, 660 Ti, etc.
    • Seri GTX 700, ex GTX 750 Ti, 760, 770, etc.

In modern
processors such as the Intel Core i and AMD APU series, it has been
equipped with IGP (Integrated Graphic Processing) or integrated graphics
IGP is a cheap solution rather than having to buy a separate graphics card that is usually priced quite expensive. In addition, the modern IGP also has specifications that are no less good than low-end GPUs. It’s just that, IGP must use VRAM by sharing (shared) with main memory (RAM). Generally, IGP only uses a maximum of 1GB of VRAM.

IGP on a modern processor can actually produce a pretty good game display even though the resolution is not too high. In order for IGP to work properly, high-speed RAM memory is needed with a dual channel system. The dual channel system can provide high bandwidth on VRAM so that the IGP can achieve maximum resolution.

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Memory or RAM berkapasitas 8-32 GB

RAM memory is one of the important components supporting PC gaming performance. The standard RAM memory used for 2017 PC gaming is at least 4GB. Actually, 4GB of RAM can’t be said to be enough for gaming, considering that some modern PC games require more than 6GB.

Inilah Spesifikasi PC Gaming Standar Tahun 2017
RAM Dual Channel. Credit :

The type of RAM memory used is a minimum of DDR3-1600. This type of memory has begun to be somewhat obsolete after the advent of DDR4 memory technology. However, DDR3 is still very adequate and is still widely found on the market. For better game performance, RAM memory used must be installed in dual channels. Dual channel memory system can speed up the data transfer process so that it can improve computer performance.

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HDD Hard disk
Capacity 1 TB and above

Switch to storage media, hard disk specifications for standard 2018 PC gaming with a minimum capacity of 1000 GB or 1 TB. Modern PC games are now getting “fat” and require extensive storage. Hard disk with a capacity of 500GB is very sufficient to store modern PC game data. However,
if you feel that the 500GB capacity is lacking, you can also use a HDD
with a capacity of 1TB which is not too expensive.

You can also drop storage media options on SSD (Solid State Drive). SSDs have data transfer speeds that are much faster than ordinary hard disks. SSD can clearly improve PC gaming performance with the most optimal. Unfortunately, SSDs must be redeemed at a cost that is quite expensive.

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Operating System 64-bit

If you look
at the specifications above, the operating system that is suitable for
running a 2019 standard gaming PC is a 64-bit operating system.
The 64-bit OS will run optimally on a modern processor or graphics card and 4GB or more of RAM memory.

most modern PC games are built for the Windows platform, the operating
system must be installed at least Windows 10. 64-bit.

so, there are still many modern PC games that can run on older
generation Windows like Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, or Windows 8.
or even Window XP!

Inilah Spesifikasi PC Gaming Standar Tahun 2017
Windows 10. Credit : wikipedia

Besides Windows, the operating system that can be installed is 64-bit Linux. This is thanks to the online game distributor application, Steam which already supports the Linux platform. It’s just that, games for the Linux platform are not as many games for Windows OS.

an Other Device

  • Monitor, a widescreen monitor is very comfortable to run. Monitor
    with Full HD resolution is more convenient to use, at least 1920 x 1080
    or screen size 20 “. If you want to get a comfortable gaming
    experience, it is recommended to use a monitor with a screen size of at
    least 20” and supports HDMI digital signals because most modern VGA /
    IGP cards use
    digital connector to maximize features. 
  • Mouse, working comfort at your fingertips. Mouse is the real problem if you choose, just any 
  • VGA Card, because VGA Card/IGP modern most use digital connectors to maximize features.
  • DVD-ROM for operating system installation media, drivers, or game applications.
  • Internet connection either via LAN or Wifi. It is recommended to use a high speed internet connection to optimize gameplay especially in online games.
  • Standard audio device
  • Standard keyboard and mouse, but it would be better to use a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse.
  • Motherboard, case, and PSU (Power Supply Unit) just adjust the components above or the platform used.
If it is concluded, this year’s standard gaming PC specifications are
  • CPU 4 core/threads (disarankan rilisan 3 generasi kebelakang)
  • VGA Card dengan VRAM 2 GB dan mendukung DirectX 11 (disarankan rilis 3 generasi kebelakang)
  • Memori RAM 4 GB (disarankan 8 GB)
  • Hard diskwith minimum requirment 1024 x 768
  • Operating System operation minimal Windows 8.1 64-bit

The PC
specifications above can not only be used for gaming needs, but also for
mainstream needs (office, browsing, and media centers) and workstations
such as graphic design, video production, and content creation.
with the above specifications can certainly run a variety of modern
games with low-to-medium end resolution even up to high-end.

explanation above can be a guide and recommendation for those of you
who want to play games on a PC or buy / replace a new PC hardware.
Please adjust the PC gaming specifications above with the budget and needs that you will use.

those of you who want to try PC games based on virtual reality (VR),
make sure your PC is in accordance with VR platform recommendations.
More about PC gaming for VR, you can read it in an article entitled This is a Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming PC Specification.

How to see / know the computer specifications used

  • via BIOS. You
    simply enter the UEFI BIOS menu by pressing the Esc / F2 / F12 / Del
    button (depending on the motherboard used) once the computer is turned
    In the main UEFI BIOS menu the processor information, memory capacity, GPU and hard disk must be listed.
  • via DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
    • TPress the Win + R button to open the Run dialog box. Alternatively, press the Win + X button then select Run. 
    • Type the command “dxdiag” (without quotation marks)
      Press the Enter key 
    • In
      the main menu the DirectX Diagnostic Tool includes information on the
      operating system version, processor, memory capacity, and DirectX
  • via System Information
    • sdPress the Win + R button to open the Run dialog box. Alternatively, press the Win + X button then select Run
    • Type the command “msinfo32” (without quotation marks) 
    • Press the Enter key 
    • The
      System Information application will provide more complete and detailed
      information about all hardware and software installed on the computer
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are some examples of desktop and laptop computer products that have the
same specifications / similar to the standard PC gaming specifications

Produk Desktop Spesifikasi Harga*
Inilah Spesifikasi PC Gaming Standar Tahun 2017
Credit: Asus


Intel® Core™ i3-4170, 4GB DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT720
2GB, HDD 1TB, Lan 10/100/1000Mbps, DVDRW, Card Reader, K/B + Mouse, 300W
Power Supply
Rp. 6000000
HP Pavilion 550-020L Intel® Core™ i5-4460, 4GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, DVD±RW, VGA AMD Radeon R5 330 2GB, WiFi, Non OS Rp. 8000000
Lenovo Idea Centre 300s Intel® Core™ i3-4170, 4GB DDR3, 1TB, DVDRW, K/B + Mouse, Nvidia Geforce GT720 1GB, Wifi, LCD 18.5″, DOS Rp. 7000000

Produk Laptop Spesifikasi Harga*
Credit : tokopedia

Acer Aspire E5-475G

Intel® Core™ i3-6100U, 4GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GT940MX 2GB, HDD 500GB, WLAN 802.11ac, HDMI, 14.1″ TFT LCD Rp. 5600000
ASUS X455LJ Intel® Core™ i3-5005U, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, DVD±RW, VGA Nvidia Geforce GT920M 2GB, WiFi Rp. 5600000
HP Pavilion 15-AB121DX AMD A10-8700P, 6GB DDR3, AMD Radeon R6 2GB, HDD 1TB, WLAN 802.11b/g/n, 15.6″ WLED LCD Rp. 5800000

*) prices are summarized from various sources.

real laptop is only designed for light work such as making documents /
presentations, surfing the internet, and entertainment media.
laptop computer hardware is created to adjust its needs which do not
require a lot of resources and are convenient for traveling.
several computer companies have created laptops with “gaming” labels
that are specifically made for heavy work such as graphic design,
editing, content creation, and high-end gaming.

Technically, laptops can also be used to play games like desktop computers. But it should be noted that the specifications of the laptop must match the needs of the game being run.

Many computer users also prefer to assemble their own gaming PC rather than buying a built-up computer. The reason is because they want to get a computer with maximum specifications according to their budget and needs. Following
this, the Tekno Jempol will provide an example specification of a
desktop gaming PC assembled according to the guidelines above

Komponen Produk Harga*
Processor Intel Core i3-6100 Rp. 1.505.000
Motherboard Asrock H110M-HDV Rp. 915.000
Memori RAM Patriot Signature 1x4GB DDR4 2400 Rp. 390.000
Hard disk Toshiba 3.5″ 1TB SATA3 Rp. 575.000
VGA Card PowerColor Red Dragon RX 460 2GB GDDR5 Rp. 1.370.000
Drive Optik Asus DVDRW Tray Rp. 170.000
Casing VenomRX Arsenal Rp. 280.000
PSU Thermaltake Lite Power 450W Rp. 490.000
Total Rp. 5.695.000

*) prices are summarized from various sources.

To be able
to design PC specifications for Photo Editing or Video Editing, gaming
assemblies as above, you can read the article entitled:

How to Make Assembled PC Specifications Design.

Examples of desktop or laptop computer products above may not include high end gaming PCs. But, certainly able to run the latest games with moderate resolution. The
price of a PC gaming with the specifications above is also deliberately
the Thumb Techno choose with a cheap budget so that it can be reached
by many people.
PC gaming (new) with a budget of 5-7 million is very reasonable to be found in various computer stores.


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