Best Video Editor in Jakarta Indonesia version Ftv

Reinardus Nugraha Best Video Editor in Jakarta Indonesia Ftv version |

Reinardus Nugraha was elected as the Best Editor in the 2011 FTV event held at Balai Sarbini, Jakarta, Thursday (14/7) night. He won the award titled FTV ‘Papi, Mami and Gardener’, Production Demigisela Citra Sinema.

According to Reinardus, this award is due to input from his senior, Dedi Mizwar. “I do not think I can award this, I am Dedi Mizwar’s education, how good editing, build his mood,” he told reporters after receiving the award.

In addition, he hopes Indonesian films mature and better still, not too concerned with commercial alone. “There are many interesting things that need to be lifted from the story in Indonesia, I do not think commercial priority is necessary,” he said.

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In this award, Reinardus managed to get rid of four opponents, namely Desteni, Dody Chandra, M Hanif Ridlo, and Muchlis. (ULF)

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