Camera Settings When Shooting Indoor

••Arrangements for Indoor Photography••
Use the camera settings in Manual mode. This setting allows you to get full control of your digital camera settings.
Set Aperture as much as possible for example: f / 4.0 or f / 2.8.
Set shutter speed to 1/60, because it will be difficult to take pictures using only your hands at speeds below 1/60 seconds. As a reference, never take a photo with a shutter speed below the size of the Focal Length that you use when shooting using only your hands. Example: never shoot with Shutter Speed ​​below 1/50, if you use a 50mm prime lens and take pictures using only your hand (without a tripod).
Friend, you will need an External Flash, if possible, reflect the flash light to the ceiling of the room so that the light can be more evenly distributed.
Do a trial by taking a photo several times and see how it works.
If the results of the photo are underexposure or light, try increasing the ISO (from 200 to 400) until you get the results you want.
The shooting tips above will produce good lighting in portrait, with the light of the room caught in the background. Traditional photos that only rely on flash that hit the subject will produce photos with objects that are over and dark in background.
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