••Fashion Photography••
Fashion photography is a stream of photography that concentrates on photographing and displaying various modes of clothing and other fashion items, which are related to lifestyle / life-style that are running at that time, to be published in fashion magazines, the advertising industry, or circulating in designer.
Over time, fashion photography has developed a commercial and aesthetic touch where the look of fashion / life-style / lifestyle, reinforced with accessories and exotic areas with diverse lighting, from dramatic, soft, contrast, even a combination of several effects of light.
In fashion photography, a photographer is tasked with producing or displaying photo concepts of fashion products that will be sold in visual form. Don’t forget that the lifestyle / life-style of the time you want to show, must be clearly seen in fashion photography.

••Beauty-shot photography••
Beauty-shot is a term in the world of photography which means that everything that is produced in photography should look beautiful, attractive, and emit an aura from the photo. So the main task of a photographer is no longer about lighting techniques, but the ability to learn and explore, the character and anatomy of the face of the model to be photographed.
In addition to the anatomy of the face + body, another task that is no less important for the photographer is being able to provide direction and arouse the confidence of the model. The goal is that photographers can take pictures of the model to the maximum from a good and correct angle. In addition to the facial expressions of the model that are of concern, the expression of the body / body model is also a matter that must receive important attention, so that between facial expressions and model bodies become a single unit that gives rise to the aura of the photos made. To achieve this, good communication is needed between the photographer and the model.

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••Tips for photographing fashion photography & beauty shot••
Here are some tips that can be done to help you get the right and correct results of fashion photography & beauty-shot:
Prepare everything by arranging a complete plan and concept for shooting. This is one of the most important fashion photography tips, because displaying a story in a photo is one of the best.
The main characteristic of successful fashion photography and beauty-shot lies in understanding the character, then recognize the model by talking to them to try to establish a relationship. Having a good and comfortable relationship with the model will make the shooting session run smoothly.
Don’t hesitate or be afraid to give direction, because your photo session has a story to show. You have to communicate it to the people in the photo. Be assured of your views for photos, without overreacting or being rude.
Make sure you use accessories to set the right lighting, in accordance with the concept that was previously predicted.
Whether shooting outdoors or indoors, you need to set the right lighting technique. With the help of mastering good lighting techniques, the photos you work on will have a strong soul / soul / character.
Remember, in digital photography, a photo session is only part of a series of photo processes, there is still a post-production section for that photo. Therefore, think right and don’t rush into lighting exploration. The carefulness of your eyes in seeing lighting is one of the success factors of the photos you make.
Fashion photos and beauty-shots can be made in color or black and white.
You can use semi-wide lenses to telephoto, to get a visual effect according to the concept of the photo.
Finally, the inspiration for photography is the key word. With inspiration, of course, it will give a different touch to other works.


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