Here are some requirements to become a professional photographer

••Photo editing skills••
Some photographers who are already affiliated with the ‘company’ that have a team in it will probably work lighter. For example, you work for a photography studio as a photographer.
So when you finish taking a pre-wedding event, you can just leave the results of the photos to the editing team. Yes, that is if you are already a member of a photography company.
But what if not? Inevitably you have to do it yourself, starting from shooting to the editing process.
This photo editing skill is very important and seems to be a ‘mandatory’ owned by a modern photographer.
However, shooting like a pre-wedding almost entirely requires an editing process to make it more attractive.
If you haven’t mastered it, you don’t have to be required to go to college, because there are already many more affordable photo editing courses.
After all, consumers won’t ask what your graduates are. So editing skills become a requirement to be a photographer especially.

••Graphic design expertise••
Maybe this is still related to the above. So besides basic editing you might also have to master graphic design.
Often after photographing the photographer is asked to make various prints such as banners, banners and others.
In this case the photographer’s design expertise needs to be owned by the photographer, and it is also quite useful to make a watermark as a marker that is your work.

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••Able to communicate well with people who will be photographed••
This technique seems to be very useful for modeling, pre wedding photo shoots, family photos, or birthday events.
You must be able to communicate well with consumers. For example, when shooting pre wedding, you should be able to direct how the position of both partners, how to pose, or how to smile that fits.
Remember, not everyone is used to being photographed by professional photographers. And another case if you take pictures of experienced models because the direction is not too extra.
However you have to make consumers as comfortable as possible in the photo. This expertise does not apply to landscape or wildlife shooting.

••Master basic videography••
Look at the online shop sites that sell DSLR cameras. Almost all new output DSLRs are supported with recording features that are almost close to professional camcorders.
It is ‘redundant’ if the feature is not used. Occasionally use that feature to cover your photo shoot during leisure time or after shooting.
For example after you have finished photographing a wedding event, you can record an event that does not have to be long.
In this case of course you have to master basic videography techniques, such as adjusting focus, the ability of the camera to capture light when recording, or also how to edit multiple videos into one file so that it is interesting.
Even better if you give one video file to your customers as a bonus. Calculate as an extra service.

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••Have a broad insight••
Some time ago during a show about photography on a private television station, the theme taken was wildlife photography.
The photographer who is the mentor is a photographer who has experience in the wildlife genre.
However, unique besides taking pictures and showing pictures, he also explained the specifications of the animals he photographed in sufficient detail, ranging from Latin names, species, populations and habitats.
Finally besides being a photographer, he also looked like a biology teacher.
It seems that this insight is very important also for photographers like you, especially journalistic photographers.
At a minimum, your insight is very useful when uploading a photo with a natural object and then a brief description. So, in addition to sharing works, you can also share knowledge.

••Master most types of cameras••
It’s possible that when there is a wedding there is someone who asks to be photographed by you with his own camera.
Bless if the camera is the same as the camera series that you have. But what if it’s different? Different cameras, also different features and buttons or terms that exist. Mastery is mostly very useful in cases like this. You don’t have to buy a lot of cameras, you can see video guides on YouTube. [ALX]


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