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Best Top 10 Hidden Places Spot in Bali | Best for Honeymoon

On the island’s west coast, you have a different beach scene, with dark volcanic sand and waves that appeal to surfers the world over. Some are fringed by rice paddies and palm trees, adding to its exotic appeal. For non-surfers, it’s a nice sandy spot from where to watch the action. Staying in Balian is made easy with accommodation options on the coast such as the Gajah Mina Resort. Local seafood warungs come to life in the evenings. Another favourite surf break worth checking out while in the west is Medewi, a half-hour drive further west from here.

How to get there: Head west towards the Selemadeg district in Tabanan.

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9 Dreamland Beach

Not quite a secret beach anymore but still slightly ‘hidden’ due to its far-flung location, Dreamland, Balangan’s ‘next door neighbour’, remains a mention on our list. Following the development of the Pecatu Graha and ‘New Kuta’ expansions, much has changed over the recent years. Still a favourite among local and international visitors, Dreamland also remains a favourite surf break. With the concrete and other developments aside, the cliffs, sand and blue still hark back to its pristine days when its moniker came to being.

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How to get there: Head up to the massive Pecatu Graha gate, and go down the long and winding paved road and past the golf course.

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10 Padang Padang

This beach is accessible down a few flights of steps and through a limestone crevice beside a bridge. Across the road before the bridge, there is a spacious parking lot. Among the island’s most favourite big surf breaks, Padang Padang’s white sand beach offers a great view, and a small sandy area for sunbathing and doing just nothing. Local seafood warungs serve grilled fresh catches-of-the-day. It is a nice stopover if you have time along your visit to the Uluwatu Temple nearby.


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