How to open Blogger Dashboard that Cann’t Opened or Login

How To Open A Blogger Dashboard That Can not Be Opened

you login to googel account to go to Blogger, suddenly your blogspot
dashboard can not open even to access blogpun can not.
And that show the Blogger page is empty, alias blank white color. That’s what I just experienced this afternoon after the evening
prayers in the mosque, just enter the dashboard just can not write
anything else.
again the spirit of writing, just to vent the same hobby nambahin
information let om google happy a lot of interesting content on this
blog hee.
The author himself also felt saturated, the internet lately began to be filled with information garbage guns clear. Sorry, start talking clearly. Back to the solution topic open the blogspot dashboard that can not, surely the question arises actually what happened? Why can it happen to login?
of the causes of your blog suspended by Google, perhaps because it
violates the rules such as too often copy and paste artkel from other
blogs or violate adult content.
But if you feel you do not break the rules, it means the same as me. So for my blogger friends who experience problems like me this, I have a solution.
1. Delete all cache in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or other browsers, with garbage removal apps like Tune Up, CCleaner. But
if according to the author more powerful with Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​7,
in addition recommended Microsoft also proven to eradicate waste in the
computer even other applications may not necessarily detect it.
Last afternoon just cache, junk files, trace, personal data, and other
garbage nearly 400mb, natural berbulan-bual again males ngrawat laptop
2. If still can not, try to open your blog with different browser. If possible also with a different computer. If the author, just the first stage can be normal again alias was able to open the blogger dashboard as usual.
3. If the second stage still can not be opened, just ask the same boss Google. Mungikn there is a mistake from the server itself Blogger, is the stage of maintenance / care. Or maybe anad blog banned unilaterally, then the author has not reached his knowledge to provide solutions.
ned secara sepihak,
kalau begitu penulis belum sampai ilmunya untuk memberi solusi.


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