Important Elements or Elements in Photo Composition

Lines can cause the impression of depth and show motion in the image. When the lines themselves are used as subjects, what happens is that the images attract attention. This composition is formed by packing lines dynamically, it does not matter whether the line is straight, circular or curved. The important thing is that the lines become a dynamic form.

To make a shape stand out, you must be able to separate the shape from the surrounding environment or from a background that is too crowded. This composition is usually used by photographers to emphasize visually the abstract quality of a photographic object. Usually the forms most often used as compositions are squares and circles.

That is the order that gives the impression of the state of the surface of an object (smooth, rough, irregular, irregular, sharp, soft, etc.). Texture will appear from dark light or shadow and contrast that arises from lighting during shooting.

Color gives an elegant and dynamic impression to a photo when it is well composed. Sometimes the composition of colors can also give a graceful impression and is able to perfectly bring out the mood color or the harmony of the colors of a photo that wants to highlight the beauty element.

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Patterns in the form of repeating shapes, lines and colors are other visual elements that can be the main attraction. Repetition can create the impression of harmony in the picture. But, too much uniformity will result in boring images. The secret to using patterns is to find variations that can capture the attention of the observer. Patterns are usually best expressed evenly. Although the lighting and shooting angle of the camera makes an image tend to lack the impression of depth and allow something that repeatedly becomes prominent.

••Dark and Light••
This composition element has actually been used by photographers since the era of analog photography is still growing rapidly, especially in black and white photography. However, digital composition of this composition is applied again. Now dark and light compositions are used to emphasize the visibility of an object. We can use this composition well if we are able to pay attention to the contrast of an object and must pay attention to the environment around the object that is perceived to be disturbing which if it makes the game darker a photo will disappear.


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