1. Concept
    Shooting indoor models is usually done in a studio, simple but with a concept. The concept must be strong and supported by adequate property.
  2. Color
    Color is an element that you should not underestimate, Think about what colors will enter your frame. The background color, clothing model, props and even the makeup color of the model you need to pay attention to. Choose a contrasting color with each other. For example red can be combined in blue or pink. Green will contrast with orange.
  3. Make Up
    For model photography, make up is very important. Media such as magazines or TV have determined the standard of beauty, where a model must have a super smooth face and skin. But, in fact not everyone has skin like that. This is where make up plays a role. In addition to covering the shortcomings of the model, make up also helps highlight the features on the face of the model to make it look prettier. The makeup here also has to adjust to the concept of the photo. For example, make up for the wedding dress model must be elegant and elegant, different from gothic or hellowen makeup that is more dark and bloody.
    Good indoor photos are usually supported by adequate lighting. Using soft (soft) lighting can, the skin effect of the model becomes smoother. This technique can be obtained by wrapping flash with a soft box or large umbrella. The angle of lighting can affect the mood of your photos so that you use flash wisely.
  4. Pose
    The model’s pose greatly influences the results of your photos later. Note the location of the face, body curve, laying of hands, fingers, and feet. Adjust the pose and facial expression of the model to the concept you want. If you find it difficult to adjust the model pose, try to find a style guide.
  5. Props
    Props are designations for property or equipment that you use as a complement or sweetener that supports the strength of your concept. For example, if you choose a vintage concept, the properties needed include a suitcase, a table, or a vintage chair, vespa, and vintage items.

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