Langkah Terbaik Pilihanku Untuk Main Adsense Online Income

Gonjang-ganjing gunjangan hebat, kalau tidak mau dibilang Kiamat para youtuber, Adsense Publisher. Dengan adanya Perusahaan-perusahaan besar yang mencabut Saham, biaya periklanan di Youtube atau google. Adalah mempunya Impact yang sangat besar buat para youtuber terutama yang pemula.

Ini surat Aslinya: Diposting oleh Marissa di Youtube Help Forum

Hi everyone,
Today, more creators are making a living on YouTube than ever before. However, with this growth we’ve started seeing cases of abuse where great, original content is re-uploaded by others who try to earn revenue from it.
Starting today, we will no longer serve ads on YPP videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views. This new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel. It also allows us to confirm if a channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser policies. By keeping the threshold to 10k views, we also ensure that there will be minimal impact on our aspiring creators. And, of course, any revenue earned on channels with under 10k views up until today will not be impacted.
In a few weeks, we’ll also be adding a review process for new creators who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program. After a creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel, we’ll review their activity against our policies. If everything looks good, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content. Together these new thresholds will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules.
To learn more, read up on the YouTube Creator blog.

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Ada banyak respon dari “update” “Kebijakan baru” Tersebut!

390Trains from YT mengatakan:


JamesLawsonSmith mengatakan:

Have been waiting for this to come into affect. 

on the way in the near future. It’s going to get harder to get into YPP
soon and it should have never been given to everyone anyway.

Annie70 mengatakan:

seems that the people that make the most problems for YouTube are
already approved and have millions of views and are accepted by YPP. 

always been a struggle for a small channel to be seen on YT. Many of
them are not “rocking the boat” and this is the reason they are buried
in searches.
People like me who already have a channel with
over 50 videos on Games and Developer Software and have not reached 10K
will now have my AdSense account blocked on YT?
I have had this account since 2005 for my websites. I came to YouTube to get blocked now.


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Terbaik, bukan tidak mungkin Google bangkrut, dan menyetop sharing
profit kepada para publisher, youtube content creator/re-uploader?

1. Bikin Usaha/perusahaan jasa/produk real nyata secara offline
2. Maksimalkan secara online dengan wesbite, youtube, dlsb.
Hasil dari Youtube Adsense, Affiliate, Amazone dll platform icome online,
investasikan ke liquid valuable properties Invstation. Seperti Tanah
Ruko, Rumah, Logam Mulia, dll investasi yang terpercaya, bukan bodong.
4. Keputusan kebijakan atau policies baru dari Google itu mungkin ada baiknya, untuk yang benar-benar serius publsher.


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