Night Photo Technique

  1. Turn off the automatic flash light setting on the camera and use a tripod to make it more stable.
  2. Take pictures by hand without a tripod to conduct experiments. Raise ISO until it gets a shorter shutter speed. See the results of the pictures taken.
  3. Setting the camera to have a stable ISO and low shutter settings does take a long time. Try continuing to get the right photo (not too bright or too dark).
  4. Manually adjust camera exposure to get a balanced photo result.
  5. Use the camera settings with Fireworks format: 1 second f / 2.8, Building Lighting: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8, Subject illuminated by fire: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8, Scene path with normal lighting: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8 , Shop window: 1/8 second f / 2.8, Street view with bright light: 1/15 second f / 2.8 White Balance
  6. Pay attention to the casts color that arises, then set the white balance for maximum results.
  7. Do it with several experiments with a low shutter speed and try pointing at a motorized vehicle that is moving so that you get colorful photos.


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