Photographic Elements

  1. Photo object (Subject Matter)
    person, object, place or event that is in the photo
    and mention the character of these objects. For example: monumental tall buildings, children who are running cheerfully, etc.

  2. Form and technique (Form)
    The elements that make up, organize and build photos are points, lines, fields, shapes, colors, light, textures, mass, space and volume.
    Description of the review on: color / black-and-white range, object contrast, paper contrast, film format, viewing angle, object distance, lens used, framing, sharp space, level of sharpness, sharpness, etc.
    Use design principles such as scale, proportion, unity in diversity, balance, direction of style and emphasis.

  3. Media (Medium)
    Description of media can include technical elements such as irradiation elements, irradiation aids, shooting aids, etc. Includes all aspects that contribute to the creation of the artist’s expression in the photographic work as well as the impact it has on the seer

  4. Style
    refers to the spirit of the era, art movement, time period, and geographical factors that influence artists in making photographic works, which can be recognized by photo works, technical photographs and photo media.


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