Video Lagging in Timeline Adobe Premiere Pro Cs CC

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Video Lagging While Editing in Timeline Adobe Premiere Pro Cs CC.

I use  the PC/Computer Core i7 3770K, with SSD 128 GB using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. RAM 24 GB, VGA Graphic Card nVidia 750. Why still lagging in timeline while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

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How To Solve Video Laging in Facebook Download Video Youtube or?

Like Play and download in facebook or Youtube, in low bandwitch … video is loading or buffering. In Timeline Editing Adobe Premiere Pro event the spesification of that computer is Highend or middle, they still need little time to loading like buffering on playing or downloading Youtube or facebook.

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The duty now is to prevent this from happening in the final rendering video, which will be delivered to the customer later.

So you need to upgrade more highly or be little patients. In Case you Zoom in or Zoom Out timeline editing you need to wait a seconds. But high end spesification of computer is still usefull. And be proud and enjoying the works as an editor.

Nowaday the format of the Camera or camcorder is huge
or more big than before. So you all need not only the Minimum
Requirement of the PC or Computer. But you need MORE than that, of course
we need that the HIGH END. So althought your computer or Mac spesification has High like that, You still needed MORE the MORE the BETTER. To rise up your
Class in Video Post Production Equipment.

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If you want to open the House Production Editing and Capture (video Shooting) You have to invest minimum the huge large capasity of PC/Computer. Even if you stil rent the camcorder.

The Editing or post production is the Final Thing most important thing most needed, to enlarge the Video Production Company.

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