Technique of Photo Model Outdoor, Flash and Natural Lighting

Speaking of photo model techniques for outdoor shooting locations, should you use additional light sources or just enough natural lighting? Photo technique using flash when shooting is very wide and deep.
But in short, what we want to achieve by using flash is to add to the aesthetics of the photo model. The results of the photo will certainly look different if the lighting helps to bring up dimensions.
The advantage of using flash is that we are in control of the overall lighting situation. The sun is too hot? No problem.
Cloudy? Can be overcome. We can also manipulate flash light so that it looks natural or dramatic. In fact, we can collaborate between artificial light and natural light into one.
Next is natural light or commonly called the ambient light, which is the lighting obtained at makeshift shooting places, without any additions and assistance from flash, but from direct sunlight.
The advantage is the photographer does not need to bother anymore to provide flash in the shoot.
As a photographer, of course there are many things that must be prepared before starting a photo shoot, such as a camera, memory card, battery, concepts, property, and many others.
Relying on natural light alone can ease our minds as photographers.
Another advantage is that the resulting photo will look genuine, without much engineering.
Shooting at a popular location is usually not necessary to use additional lighting, so that the atmosphere of the location can be recorded in your image naturally.
Although there are limitations if you only prioritize natural light in shooting, but we can still be creative by relying on the direction of the fall of sunlight, at least using only additional tools, namely reflectors.
Good outdoor shooting is scheduled in the morning or evening, where the sun is still near the horizon.
The quality of sunlight will be soft, and we can maximize the sunlight coming from the right direction.
During the day, the sun will be right above us, so that it will cause a shadow that is not good on the face of the model.
The point is to return to the tastes and needs of each photographer, to be used for what the photo will be.
We are free to determine it. Basically a work of photography is made of light because darkness cannot create light.


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