These Cool Photographic Techniques You Must Master For Become A Legitimate Photographer!

••Circular panorama with 3D effects••
Who says a good photo is a sweet framed photo in a rectangular shape with a technical panorama that is only a landscape? Where are you? Make your feed even more unique with this circular panoramic style, which gives an artistic effect to your photos. If you are patient, you will be better at this technique and not many can match your 3D circle, you know!

••High speed••
Here is another way to give character to the photos that you produce. Do not focus on photographing objects that are silent, but try to focus your photo object on objects that are moving at high speed, such as splashes of water to fire on an object that produces an explosion. Camera techniques that are not arbitrary are needed, but once you can produce one good photo and continue to be consistent with the same theme, your followers will also be guaranteed.

••Infrared and HDR••
The extreme colors provided in HDR and Infrared photography can seem strange to old-fashioned spies. Unusual color changes because the Infrared effect requires a lot of practice and taste that is constantly being improved, until you get a good rhythm when editing photos into HDR colors that are also friendly for spies who are still unfamiliar.

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••Nuance night••
The type of photo nuances of the night are only taken at night, but not limited to black and white. Exciting, right? Of course your feed will be darker and a little moody and even gloomy, but if you can follow the art of playing shadow or shadow, the shade and contrast of colors that can’t be found in light photos, then you can offer a more unique photo gallery and different. It is worth trying for those of you who don’t like others.

••Reflection photography••
Not new indeed, because with photo editing applications circulating now, you can create mirror effects. However, there is a sensation that is satisfying if you hunt things in everyday life that accidentally produce reflection. That’s where the art of reflection photography is stored! Look for objects that can reflect reflection and see what’s reflected in it, and you’re ready for action!


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