Types of Photography Techniques

••High Speed ​​Photography••
One of these techniques that makes your shots look interesting is that this technique is the same as freezing a photo object. Suppose you want to photograph an object of splash of water falling from a faucet, now you have to set it in such a way that the shutter speed can capture this more amazing moment.

••Night Taking••
The pleasure of a photographer will begin when the sun sets. There are many lives that can be shot and taken in the dark night. This technique needs to be done manually setting the diaphragm, ISO and shutter speed.
When you want to take photos at night then you have to provide a tripod to stabilize the camera balance and super slow shutter speed so that more incoming light and produce amazing photos.

••Motion Blur or Panning••
Motion blur or often referred to as panning technique is the art of capturing moving objects. Suppose you want to take a photo of a bicycle racer, here you have to adjust the ISO component, diaphragm and SS.
For this shooting you have to slow down the shutter speed and hold the camera when your shooting object moves (follow the direction of the motion of an object). This will make the lens focus on the moving object while the back or background becomes blurred (blurry slap).

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••Technique of Focusing on Small Objects (Macros)••
This macro photography is very unique, why? because in the process of making images you have to be extra patient in capturing small object scenes or commonly referred to as detailed drawing techniques. You can take photos of this macro using whatever camera you are using, because the camera you are using has the ability to focus on the object.

••Long Lighting Technique (Long Light)••
This Longlight can be used to achieve all the results of shots using water objects, clouds or other objects that might move. This photography technique is often used in taking landscape and the results of taking this picture are like soft cotton and like scratches of clouds that are rubbed using the hand.

••Ight Light Painting••
It is a light path created only by using a light emitting device. This technique uses a shutter speed image because the camera will record a light motion so that it can produce this light painting. This capture is better done in low-light areas with medium or fast lens openings. Look at the picture beside, this picture shows thoroughly that this is a long light technique

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••Silhouette Technique••
Silhouette or back to light is a technique commonly applied in capturing the sunset. SIluet will produce more dramatic photos. For the shooting technique, you can use fast shutter speed to get a darker exposure and the object only shows a black shadow.

••Bokeh technique••
Bokeh is a photographic technique that produces epic shots, the background will look more blurry and there is a focused object. So this bokeh technique is a trending topic in all photography circles because this technique uses accurate focusing to get blur (bokeh) photos.


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