Understanding Photographers and Photographs

Understanding Photography
Understanding of photography is actually expressed by many parties, one of which is in the large Indonesian dictionary. Where in KBBI photography is interpreted as art and the production of images and light in a film or surface that is frozen. Whereas according to Wikipedia the notion of photography is a word taken from English, namely ‘Photography’ which comes from Greek, namely ‘photos’ which means light and ‘Grafo’ which means painting or writing. So that photography is the process of painting or writing using light media. In general, the notion of photography can be interpreted as a process or method for producing images or photos of an object by recording the reflection of light about the object in light sensitive media.
Meanwhile, photographer named Elliott Erwitt also expressed his opinion about the notion of photography. Where he said that photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something pleasant in its usual place. According to Elliot Erwitt, it will have nothing to do with the things you see and all must be done with the way you see them. This is quite different from the notion of photography according to Ansel Adams, who said that photography as a medium of dispersion and strong communication, offers a variety of perceptions, interpretations and executions that are unlimited. Not only the two photographers above, Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo, who is actually one of the famous Indonesian photographers, also expressed his opinion on the notion of photography, which according to him is a communication media and dialogue tool, photography can also be seen as a function. Photography functions documentatively, informally and part of art.
Based on the understanding of photography conveyed by various parties above, it can be concluded that photography is an activity of taking pictures through the camera to produce works of art and can be enjoyed either by themselves or the public. Therefore, photography has many techniques that can produce various works that make some people interested in seeing it. Among them are humanist photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, street photography and much more. Well, it’s enough to understand the notion of photography right? Next DIY Camera explains about the meaning of the photographer.
Understanding Photographers
As mentioned above, in general the notion of a photographer can be interpreted as a person who conducts photography activities. This definition is a brief understanding of the photographer. But photographers are more complex when viewed from their activities, namely professional photographers and hobbies.
Understanding professional photographers is people who work with high concentration and tend to explore things in depth. So that the images produced by professional photographers can have a high selling price because not only see in terms of angle but also the art produced. Therefore, professional photographers will spend a lot of time getting the right angle so that the images can create extraordinary art.
Whereas the definition of hobby photographer, as well as its name is a hobby. A hobby or amateur photographer is a person who only likes photography activities but doesn’t pay much attention to his artistic aspects. In general, the person only focuses on eye-catching results and interesting subjects. This photographer’s understanding can also be interpreted from his activities which usually will only be focused on sharing the images to the public through social media without regard to copyrights other than just wanting recognition from others. Seeing the two activities of the photographer, we can see a significant difference. So that the understanding of the photographer is not only seen from the understanding but also the activities carried out in the field.


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