Unique and Affordable Ways to Conduct Pre-wedding photos

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Unique and Affordable Ways to Conduct Pre-wedding photos
Pre-wedding photo alias prenuptial become trend since mid 2000. What
was once a complementary item to capture the moment about marriage, has
now become one of the most important elements is considered by the
Given photography has now become part of our everyday lives, it’s no
wonder many couples feel motivated to obtain the best results, both to
remember and show it off to guests and friends in social media.
price range for pre-wedding photos can be quite variable, because it
helps you to plan jelly to make sure you and your partner can save costs
while gaining experience of a lifetime unforgettable.
Some things to consider, among other things:1. How to Set Budget
“The budget for this one can not be contested, because the photos is
something that can always be seen and remembered again in the future,”
said Dean, the bride who is getting married this year.
she and his bride has no artistic background or acquaintances who are
engaged in the arts, one of the places they go to look for ideas is the
wedding exhibition.
In the event of this kind, they can find a variety of vendors and wedding inspiration embodied in various shapes and designs.
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can discuss with your spouse and choosing a wedding theme that is
similar to both of you desire, or – if already has its own theme –
asking to multiple vendors range of costs to realize the concept that
you have.
you already know what percentage of the budget allocated for the
wedding want pre-wedding photos, so you do not become wasteful.
With a careful research, you can really find a photographer that matches your style.
2. Selecting Appropriate Photographers
you know the theme and a maximum budget that you can spend, it’s time
to choose a photographer that can meet the vision and style of the
photos you and your partner want.
know this, you can see the photographer’s portfolio and Instagram
accounts in question, as well as invite them to chat with you and your
Good chemistry can produce a nice atmosphere, ending up with a slick photo.
If your budget is really limited, it could not hurt to ask a friend to take your picture. Ask
for help means that you can not demand too much to that person, and
must be prepared to provide everything for the sake of the photo itself –
from the start location shooting, cameras, props, reference photos, to
make-up and fashion.
Remember when you and her friendship at stake for this one thing.
3. Select the location Sederharna However Memorable
By photographer Iwan Aprilianto, one way to save the budget
pre-wedding photos is to choose local sites that can be accessed with a
cheap or even free funds.
“Examples can be in the Old City (Jakarta), or any other place with a good view,” he said.
The thing that will make the difference is the concept of your photos. Rather
than be copycat follow conventional ideas boring or went along with
friends, look for a unique concept and close at heart.
For example, pictures taken in the first place you and fiance
acquainted, or choose an activity that you both like, or using props
that tell your story both at one time.
of concept images that can be found in almost all the stock photo sites
are the photos in pairs in the open with a dress long dress and suit.
Not only cliché, the results will be much like the photos on the wedding day and the cost for changing the dress. A designer dresses at bridal or generally leased for hundreds of millions of rupiah. After
that, bring all props to the site will also be a problem for you –
because you have to make sure the rental clothes are not dirty or

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4. Preparation of order Shown Prima
Pre-wedding photos is something that you want recalled when you are both age or tell their children and grandchildren someday. Therefore, do something natural and not contrived, so that you will
recognize yourself and your partner in the photo – not someone dressed
up rigid with heavy makeup.
main secret to gain maximum shooting is preparation – for example,
bring an umbrella, sunscreen, drinking water secukupnyua.
Take pictures with your loved one is fun, but it can be exhausting. Therefore, prior to the day of shooting, make sure you obtain deep sleep 8 hours. Avoid salty foods, spicy, fatty and caffeinated beverages to keep your appearance.
you’re in a public place, you can outsmart the purposes of pre-wedding
photos with blend and using minimal and unobtrusive.
The goal is that the security or management at these locations do not mind and ask for a permit or additional fees.
“Moreover, now many sophisticated cameras and can be used in low light
condition,” said Rizki Motion Syahmanda of Eight Commercial
5. Take advantage of Old Photographs
Viewed from its name, a “pre-wedding” means the photos were taken before the wedding. That is, you can also choose the best photos during courtship to
engagement to be treated as a pre-wedding photo – such as a photograph
when you two were on vacation.
Iwan said that if the possibility to retouch old photos there. “Can you call the trip prior to the marriage,” he said.
To obtain a unique result, Iwan advised to take photos with a Polaroid. Although this kind of photos are not durable, form polaroid photo frame gives the impression of sentimental and memorable.
If you’re not satisfied, you can still fix it easily. Remember
that photo weddding not like the pre-wedding photos that can not be
repeated, so you and your partner can be relaxed to prepare it.

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