Video Camera Definition

Video Camera Definition
Video Camera is a video image recording device capable of storing digital images from analog image mode. Video camera is one of the digital technology products, so it is also called one of the digitizer device that has the ability to take analog input data with frequency and digital mode.
Video / Movies is a series of many fast-paced image images. Each Frame is a recording of the stages of a movement. The faster the rotation the more smooth the movement, although there is actually a gap between frames but we as human beings can not pause it.
Standard broadcast video 
Standard Ragion Frame per second (FPS)
Secam Prancis, Timur tengan dan Afrika 25 fps
PAL Indonesia, China, Australia, Uni Eropa 25 fps
NTSC Amerika,Jepang, Kanada, Mexico, dan Korea 29,97 fps

Analog Videos are Images and Audio recorded in the form of Magnetic signals on magnetic tape.
Digital video is also similar to analog video, digital images and sura recorded in magnetic tape, using digital signals with a combination of numbers 0 and 1.
Video Editing Techniques

Linear technique is done by cutting up the video material clip term and compiled by using video player and recorder (VCR-Video Cassete Recorder), can also use two player if we want to enter the effect, so that can be set according to existing pieces.
Non-Linear Technique, similar to linear we cut up the clips in editing, much easier because drag and drop stay without work from scratch, very also to enter the effect, we live drag and drop with the effect already available. We can easily manage the duration of the effects we use.

The format in the video camera is divided into 2 parts:

1. Analog format composed of standard VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Super VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8
2. Digital format consisting of MiniDV, Digital8, DVD
The recommended computer for video editing consists of:
1. PC class P4 or AMD Athlon, using Hyper Trading technology.
2. Capture Video Card and Port, Example: Pinacle, Fire Fire Port IEEE 1394, USB2, used for                  transfer from camcoder to PC.
3. Firewire or USB cable
4. Hard drive, for Intensive Video processing better using SCSI Harddisk, for the standard only.              HDD serial ATA, minimum 7200 rpm HDD Round.
5. Sound card
6. VGA card
7. CD-ROM and CD-RW / DVD-RW
Performance of video camera (camcoder) seen from:

1. Movable image analysis = recorded image quality.
2. The weak point of resolution = determines the horizontal and vertical values, and only a few                colors are colorful.
3. White balance = for daylight and light rays using standardized testchart and then perform true              color assessment.
4. Calculating the noise = ratio between signal and noise power is written in decibels (dB), so high          on dB means high noise distance and the better the video image.
5. Sensitive light = how long it takes the camcorder to re-adjust the brightness, the longer it will be          to repeat the faster the setting of the automatic diaphragm.
6. Compression counter loss = Difference between recording with original.
7. Image quality in endurance test


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