camera parts and camera lens

Camera Parts and Camera Lens

Camera anatomy 
In principle the camera is divided into three parts:
1. Lens
2. Camera body
3. Magazine / tape compartments
Lenses In principle, the lens is like our eyes or the eyes of the camera, for that cleanliness and clarity must be on guard, because through the lens image / light will be transmitted to film or ribbon or digital. In cinematography we know there are three types of lenses are:
Wide lens: is a lens with wide angle of capture
Normal lens: is a lens that is prespectively considered to represent the human eye in seeing the world and its surroundings. In film making, this normal lens is a 50mm lens.
Tele Lens: is a lens with narrow taking angle.
There are lenses that can take the angle of taking from wide to narrow, this lens is a lens with variable focal length or generally called: Zoom lens. The disadvantage of variable focal length lenses is because of the large number of lens elements in it there is a light theft caused by the refraction of light on each lens element.
In each lens professional and semi professional there are 3 pieces of the ring is the first is the Focusing ring that serves to adjust the focus in a shot. Then there is the Focal length ring (at zoom lens or variable focal length) focal length is the short length of a lens or technically known as the distance from the lens flame point to the plane or plane film. The last one is F.stop or Diaphragm ring that serves to adjust the exposure of a shot.
Each lens has its own flaws or weaknesses because of its nature and production, such as distortion, aberration, and so on. This weakness or lens defect is not always considered bad as we can use to reinforce the dramatic effects present in the scenario. As well as each lens has its own sharpness area, this sharpness area is called Depth of Field abbreviated as DoF. So depth of field is the area of sharpness in which the subject / object is clearly visible or not blur in the camera.


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