••The advantage of using flash••
Photo technique using flash when shooting a model is very wide and deep. If the photographer has mastered the technique of using flash, then as if a door leading to a new world is open to him. The photographer is now able to create and control light sources in terms of angle, strength, and quality of the light.

••The benefits of using Natural Light••
Natural light or commonly referred to as “ambient light” is lighting obtained at makeshift photographing places, without the addition or assistance of light from artificial sources, only from the sun. The main advantage is that the photographer no longer needs to provide flash for the shooting. As a photographer, of course there are many things that must be prepared before going down to the battlefield, such as cameras, batteries, concepts, props, and many others. Relying on natural light alone can relieve the photographer’s mind.
Another advantage is that the resulting photo will look natural and original, without much engineering. This is now often sought by the client, so the photographer needs to master it. Shooting at a popular location, it is usually necessary not to use additional lighting, so that the atmosphere of the location can be recorded purely on your image.
Although there are limitations if you only prioritize natural light in shooting, we can still be creative by relying on the direction of the fall of the sun. Good outdoor shooting is scheduled in the morning or evening, where the sun is still near the horizon. The quality of sunlight will be soft, and we can maximize the sunlight coming from the right direction. During the day, the sun is right above us. This will cause a shadow that is not good on the face of your model, and the hot sun will make your photos become too contrasting and less unique.
But in short, what we want to achieve by using flash is to add to the aesthetics of your model photos. The model will certainly look more attractive if the lighting helps to bring out the dimensions of the body curve. For example, you want to accentuate the body of the model, add a flash from the back of the model (backlit) so that there will be accents that decorate the edges of the model’s silhouette to make it clearer and more formed.
By adding a soft box or refining light from flash, we can create soft quality lighting (soft lighting). This is usually highly recommended for close-up shooting on the face, because it will help the skin of the model to look smoother.
The advantage of using flash is that we are in control of the overall lighting situation. The sun is too hot? No problem. Cloudy? Can be overcome. In fact, we can manipulate the flash so that it looks natural and looks like the sun at sunset. Very useful right?

••Tips for using flash when shooting outdoor models••
Try to make the quality of the flash light soft by using a diffuser such as a soft box, or a white umbrella.
Try using a gel to change the flash color to become more yellow / golden to resemble sunlight.
Try using flash from different angles such as side-lighting or backlighting.
Maximize the power of the flash in order to reduce natural light around, to change the “mood” of the location.

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••Tips for maximizing the use of natural light during outdoor shooting••
In the morning / evening, position the model so that the sun becomes a backlight. Then use a reflector from 45 degrees in front of the model to reflect sunlight into the face of the model as the main lighting.
During the day, try to find a place / spot that is shady to do a photo shoot.
If the sun is very annoying at the spot you want, try covering the sun using a reflector. This technique is of course only useful if you use a telephoto lens and do close-up photos.
Try occasionally to make the sun the main light source. If it’s too hot, try adjusting the model’s pose so it doesn’t look directly at the sun.


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