Tips Photographing Like a Photographer with Smartphone

Tips Photographing Like a Photographer with Smartphone

1. Understand the Device You Use.
If you want high-quality images, you should use a smartphone with a high camera sensor. If using a low-end smartphone, do not expect to get the same picture quality when using a high-end smartphone.
It’s just that a reliable photographer is capable of producing high-quality photos with a smartphone camera, like amateur photographers who produce bad photos with high-end smartphone cameras.

Camera Settings to Flash Usage
2. Toggle Camera Settings on Smartphone.
Depending on the smartphone and version of Android used, the camera settings will be different. However, the trend of smartphones on the market today has the ability to adjust the focus of the camera, lighting, up to ISO.
Therefore, do not be afraid to try the combination of settings to produce a perfect photo and quality.

3. Light Location Always Creating
One way to take photos with Android smartphones below is the ability to take photos in the dark. One way to outsmart you can use the flash installed in the smartphone.
4. Breath When to Use Flash
As the dearest in the above points, many photographers want to control the amount of light that is desired when photographing the subject, as quoted from page Joy of Android,
However, the resulting light is lacking. Therefore, there is your obstruction whenever the right time using flash, or just need. To increase the brightness of the image.

Angle to Hold the Camera with Two Hands

5. Find the Perfect Angle
To maximize the results of the photo you take, angle (angle).
With the proper shooting angle, the subject you want to photograph will look brighter or dramatic when photographed. Do not be afraid to take pictures from different angles, and do not focus on one side of the photo only.
6. Do not Use Digital Zoom
Unwittingly, many smartphone users are using digital zoom when taking pictures. With the added zoom, the image will look less detail.
It lacks the ability to enlarge and maintain photo quality at the same time. Please contact further with subject closer to subject of photo for maximum result.

7. Make sure to use two hands while being photographed
Not only applies to large cameras like other SLRs, this also applies to smartphones. If using one hand, surely your hand will vibrate and the image looks blurred or unfocused. So the caller uses two hands to take a picture.
However, some newer versions of Android already have an anti-shake feature that can help reduce swaying lenses while taking pictures.
If you can not hold the phone stable even with both hands, the best solution is to activate this setting or use a tripod.


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