10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Up To 10000 Viewers Day Easily

You must often searching on Google on how to increase visitors on the blog, is not it?
Well, you must also have found that reference ..
“The way to increase blog visitors is to post articles every day” is not it?
Actually this is a big mistake.If you just create an article every day and do not do promotions, then you will feel bored to continue the blog.
This is what makes the blog will not go forward.
Well, there’s more ..
Observation results from some blogs:Blog X has thousands of posts and visitors an average of 200 / day.Blog Y has dozens of posts and visitors an average of 4000 / day.
“How come?”Of course this phenomenon has a clear cause!“Why?” ..

Yes, because the owner of X blog does not do the same promotions, because he is too many post articles and do not expect the arrival of visitors.This will also adversely affect the progress of the blog!Then, how to increase blog visitors?


First of all ..| Increase Non-organic Visitors |Many people know that search engines are the biggest source of traffic.

But, many also do not know.We must adapt to the science of SEO. ..

Because that science that can increase blog visitors! [Though not an SEO expert]But, do not create content that is solely for the purposes of SEO.

Because nobody wants to read content that is solely for SEO.

There is more .. old school SEO and modern SEOSEO Jadul = Searching Backlinks> Rank one> Getting non-organic trafficModern SEO = Marketing> Getting traffic> Getting Backlinks> Ranking one> Additional organic trafficWe must often do backlinks on Social Bookmarking sites,

But … now that way is not effective and considered ancient.

Because Google has done Depreciation against the value of backlinks from the site earlier.

Meaning = This is classified as spam in the eyes of Google.

Conversely, modern SEO ..

We do promotion, then get traffic, some visitors will provide backlinks, then we will get additional organic traffic.

Well, then it is mandatory to apply SEO techniques on blogs ..


1. First we first increase the non-organic visitors


Create Content That Will Potentially ViralFirst, create the content that you have-the gadget will be viral this year. For example like hipwee.com, bintang.com, etc.

They provide content that will be viral.Then why the site above can get many visitors?

Maybe .. The site was implementing modern SEO, namely by promoting the site to the publisher ads and they get traffic, then some visitors will provide backlinks [because the content provided interesting].

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Well, you can imitate the site earlier.However, if you already have a blog with a niche that has been
determined, just follow the way they present articles for visitors.
For example in title, subtitle, picture, or video.

2. Active on Facebook Groups

We certainly know that Facebook is the most widely used social media.

Then it’s active on Facebook!Well, you also need to be active and establish relationships with other Bloggers on Facebook.

For example Group Blogger Indonesia Karna could they respond to both the post on your blog and finally ..

Yyou will get a backlink or share.However, you do not forget to join a group that matches your blog’s Niche.

For example your blog about health, then you join the health group [do not join groups that do not fit your blog niche!].There’s more trouble …

Facebook has a strict spam filter, so you should never spam like putting your blog url repeatedly over a short period of time.

Do not promote the article before you are known to all members.

Do not promote your blog if you do not have an interesting article.

The risk will be severe! 

3. Find a forum that is Relevant and active there

As with number 2 .. You are told to share interesting articles on the forum.

However, there is a trick ”

First, share useful and interesting articles. Do not occasionally share blog urls. Because it’s guaranteed no one clicks!If favored visitors, then some visitors will provide a backlink to your blog.

Second, make frequent solutions to group members who ask because they have a disaster or a problem that happened to them.

Well, certainly your blog will get a lot of traffic.

Connect with other Bloggers

4. Build Relationships With Other Bloggers

Well, to get visitors abundant, then this way is the most powerful! Yes, establish relationships with other Bloggers or influincers.

Then why is this powerful way?

Yes, because of the possibility that Blogger will mengeshare content that you create on the media social account.

This is better than having relationships with visitors.

Because “people who have the status of audience (visitors), have little followers not even at all.“.

Well, if they mengeshare your article, it is certainly no one will see it.

Try to compare with “people with Influencer status, have 10,000 active followers”.

Then, they share your articles on their media social accounts, it’s ascertained that people will see them [then you will get non-organic traffic].

The trick, follow the media social account, provide relevant comments on his blog, provide a backlink to his blog.

Well, automatically they will know you. Then communicate with him often.But remember!

Be careful in communicating.

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Because you could be considered a bully and eventually you will be ignored.Well, automatically you will be familiar with it.


5. Make the title as interesting as possible

Well, this is very effective way to get organic and non-organic visitors.

Now we compare ..– How to Make Interesting Articles

# 10 How to Create Unique Articles and Liked Readers as well as search enginesWhat do you think you’ll click?

Of course the second, is not it?Well, the title will also determine the nature of an article.

Because a title that does not match the content of the article will make readers hate your post.

We also need to know the technique of making the title of the article

First, explain the benefits of an article for the reader

Second, sudden or important [must be read immediately]

Third, presenting the main idea from a different point of view

Well, then it’s mandatory to create a title of content that attracts visitors to click on your article.

6. Steal traffik by using news that is viral

Well, if there is news that is hot.

What are you doing?Just be quiet?

Wow, honey! Mending you come to make news articles that are viral.

But, coupled with ideas or ideas of your own.

It is called NewsjakingFor more details you can searching on Google.

As long as the news is still warm, then your content will also come warm.

So, if one day there is hot news, do not just make an article!

Give your analysis and opinion of the news.

 7. Do Email List Building

Many do not use things like this, because many think it’s a waste of time.

However, in fact this way is very effective to increase blog visitors.

Just imagine:

Many people visit your blog, and they are interested in the content on your blog.

Well, because there is no access to subscribe, then the person just left.

What do you think? Too bad…

Then it makes a subscription form ..

“How to make?”

You can create it in EmailChimp, FeedBurner, etc. For more details please searching on Google.

Well, they will be crowned as loyal blog visitors.

If you have loyal visitors, then you can be calm.

However, share frequently to registered emails, such as sharing free software, free blogging tutorials, providing free e-books, etc.

| Increase Organic Visitors |

Basically, Google is just a source of traffic for Website owners and Blogs.

Well, then that non-organic visitors can lead us to organic visitors who have high quality.

Well, to get organic visitors, here’s how:

8. Determine the Most Wanted Keywords

This method is considered effective, because if we provide the most searched keywords in an article, we will automatically flooded traffic.

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Because, it’s the most sought after.

Well, this is what you should prepare when creating the article:
Define the topic

Enter on GKP [Google Keyword Planner]
Combine one word with another word vol. His is great
For example..

You want to create an article with the topic of how to create a blog
Then you enter the keyword in GKP.


The result is this:

How to Create 1,000 Search Blogs

Complete Guide to Make Blog Forward and Success 2,000 Search

Well, if there are like this, then you can combine these two keywords.

Then apply to Title and Meta description.

9. Make the content quality and superior to the content of other blogs

This is the most important way for articles to rank first on search engines.Already explained in the previous guide that, the content that will rank the first search engine is:

– Minimum word count _ words– Useful for readers

– Contains a lot of clear information

– Easy to readThis technique is worth considering before making the article.

Talk about featured content, what the hell?

Yes, featured content means your content is one step ahead of content from other blogs.Remember! Make something different.

More superior than others.It’s useless to use popular keywords, if the content is not qualified.Apply SEO techniques to the created articles

10. Apply SEO Techniques On Your Blog

Well, this is the most important thing for your content to occupy the first position and get organic traffic.

Although we open the SEO experts, but try the articles that we make optimally against search engines.For example ..

Using SEO Friendly templates ..

But remember! Do not occasionally do excessive optimization.

Because the result is fatal!As a result, the article will become like a robot [rigid]We write articles for humans. Not for robot. So focus the article to satisfy human …

So in SEO Modern, SEO Friendly articles are articles that are friendly to humans, in the sense of easy to read and interesting.

11. Own Content

Who knows anyone want to add deficiencies in this article, please comment with relevant!

Well, a lot of information from me that comes from IM GUIDANCE.

Finally I get three types of visitors [from another article]

– First, they visited my blog, then commented well then gave backlinks, and finally followed my blog.

– Secondly, they visited my blog, then commented that my content was useful to him, after a week later, they were wondering back on the same topic.

– Third, they visit my blog, then they leave without leaving a trace, and until now some where tuh people!


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