7 Tricks for Pro Photographer Equivalents with a Simple Tool

  1. Make a photo of your twin using panorama mode.
    Have you ever seen a photo of the same human object but there are many in one frame.
    This photo trend, also known as ‘your twin’, usually needs special techniques to take it. You must edit and usually the process is very complicated.
    Well, if you use the method from the following you only need to use a camera from your smartphone and use the panorama mode.
    Maximum, you can definitely produce 3 twins in one frame with different styles or poses.
    The trick, turn on panorama mode on your smartphone and split it in one starting corner.
    Slow down the motion of your smartphone and move again to other poses while the camera is moved stably and slowly, so you get a snapshot of panoramic images with some of your portraits in one frame. Really easy!

  2. Make a lightning style with capital of aluminum foil.
    When you take a selfie photo, the light usually doesn’t support, especially the picture in the room.
    Well, to outsmart you can use aluminum foil to make lightning like that in the photo studio.
    The trick, cut aluminum foil according to the size you want. Then place the paper under the camera lens or adjust it to the effect of the light you need.
    The result must be pretty like the photo below!

  3. Make a photo drone effect, use a balloon!
    You must be wondering “how come?” You can, so you who want to take pictures of the environment around you from the sky do not need to buy a drone that the price is sometimes not as friendly as the bag.
    Just use a volume balloon to replace a drone.
    So, you can tie your smartphone to a balloon and make sure it’s not released. If you are sure you are bound tightly, release the helium balloon slowly into the air to the desired height.
    But before that, make sure you also set your smartphone camera to the longest timer mode and shoot it repeatedly so that the results of the photos are in line with expectations and can be interesting.

  4. Make macro photo effects using an additional lens from a pocket flashlight.
    Want to take photos with macro effects? Usually it needs a special lens that costs sometimes not cheap.
    Rather than spending a lot of money to buy lenses, just use a lens from a pocket flashlight that is not used to produce photos with macro effects.
    Now, you can attach a pocket flashlight lens to the hair clipper and attach the clamp to the tape in the right direction.
    Make sure the direction is right and is suitable for your camera’s bow! The result, you don’t need expensive lenses to be able to produce macro photos like the one above.

  5. Make polarizing effects using glasses.
    Bored with the results of the photos? Try this one trick. With your glasses and smartphone camera you can produce interesting photos with polarizing effects.
    It’s easy, point the glasses at the desired object. Then point the smartphone camera behind the glasses to the desired object.
    Undoubtedly, you can get photos with dramatic polarizing effects.
    Note, this trick is usually more successful if the object you want to shoot is sky or a combination of scenery.

  6. Make a photo effect 360 degrees without a 360-degree camera.
    Now here are the photo hits with a 360 degree effect like the photo above. Overall, to produce photos like the one above, you usually have to have a special camera that is again priced cheap.
    Well, even though there is a cheap way to make photos like the one above, use a special application called RollWorld.
    The way to use it is really easy, you just have to open the application and point your smartphone camera up and rotate 360 ​​degrees.
    The result, can be aesthetic photos as above.

  7. Make the camera clear using a rubber eraser.
    Who said that to produce these beautiful photos needed expensive cameras. Armed with a cheap camera from your smartphone, you can also produce cool photos like taking pictures with a DSLR camera.
    Well, so the shots will be clearer then you must clean your smartphone camera by removing the lens using a rubber eraser.
    Although it’s not guaranteed to be one hundred percent clear, but at least the smartphone camera shots will look brighter and cleaner.
    That’s guys, the seven tricks to take pictures like a pro photographer only with makeshift tools.
    Try it at home, who knows you can produce a lot of aesthetic photos with the tricks above.


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