A Simple Way to Become a Writer

A Simple Way to Become a Writer

Simple steps a writer should take, the following steps :

1. Expand Reading. Great writers diligently read. As simple as that. Without reading there will be no good works. Because knowledge is the power of writing. and extensive knowledge is only gained by reading a lot.

2. Write Every Day. This is very important. In order for your writing to be sharper, you need to sharpen it every day. It does not matter how much time you spend. Even if it is only half an hour a day, it is a good investment. if you find it difficult, you can read the “7 Steps of creating writing habits”.

3. Catch Ideas around you. Idea is the foundation of writing. No ideas, no writing. Open your mind, eyes, ears, and feelings to grasp the idea of ​​writing around you. Once you get an idea, immediately complete the idea, make a writing. Do not ever delay to realize your idea. because there can not be a great writer by just collecting brilliant ideas. (You can click here to get a brialian idea).

4. Face Writers Block. If you have never experienced writers block, you can not be called a writer. Although writers block is very annoying, you should keep writing and find the best way to deal with it. If you stop writing because of a writes block, you will never be a great writer.

5. Eliminate All Disorders. Writing takes a high concentration. Can not multitasking. So, do not play facebook while writing. Do not watch TV while writing. Do not disregard the incoming notification on your phone. If you’re writing, make sure your mind is focused on stringing words. If it’s time to write, you’re in another world so there can be nothing to disturb you.

6. Expand Vocabulary Vocabulary. One word can change the whole writing. Using the right words to convey ideas can make your writing live as if talking to the reader. In addition, unusual vocabulary can make our writing look beautiful and interesting. Moreover, the use of the same word repeatedly can make you bored. So, read the Indonesian dictionary that you have purchased.

7. Plan your Writing. Before I write anything, I must have thought about what message I want to convey and how to pass it through the word. That way I did not experience any significant obstacles. Brainstrom your ideas while on sale, while walking, and while eating. It will really help you when you have to sit down and write it.

8. Familiarize Editing. Minor errors such as mispreading words, some unrelated paragraphs, and the use of non-standard words can affect reading interest of others. Although not fatal, but it is better to take the time to read and improve the writing before it is published. Unless you have an editor, you do not have to.

9. Experiment. Being a writer does not need to be rigid following the rules of authorship. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try developing your own writing style. Use the new words you get, try to be more effective by using a few words, or try writing your silly ideas. Sometimes great writing is the result of many experimental failures.

10. Get Feedback. You will not know the quality of your writing if you just save it on your computer. And that means you can not get constructive criticism. That’s bad for you. Show your work to others. Or create a blog so you can get feedback. That way you will have homework to do in order to become a better writer.

11. Never Self-Enough. Actually the challenge of the writers is to produce works that are better than what they have created. Enemy writers are themselves. Great writers know that no writing is perfect. But that does not mean they are not trying to achieve perfection.

12. Try More Communicative. When other people read your writing, make sure they feel like seeing you talking. Write as you speak. Use the words “me” and “you” in tandem. that’s the trick.

13. Vary your Sentences. Short sentences are genius and easily digested. But it is not clear. While long sentences need more energy to read. But make the idea clearer. Using both And you will produce something extraordinary.

14. Note Your Opening Paragraph. The most important part of a writing is the beginning. If it looks unattractive, people will not want to read the rest. But if you are able to create curiosity at the beginning of the paragraph, your writing is read. So, as you write, take more time to assemble a good opening paragraph. Make sure it is interesting and good. Better yet if you can read the reader’s interest.

15. Learn From Mistakes. Do not be sad if you make unnecessary mistakes. That means you have to be excited and try not to repeat the same mistake. Occasionally necessary for presentation to you pain. It will make you better than before.


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