Constraints Of a Writer

Constraints Of a Writer

1) Environmental Barriers. The non-reading environment reduces people’s interest in becoming a writer. And if the author publishes the book will find the reality of how little the number of buyers. Very inclined to collapse the spirit of writing.

2) Economic Barriers. In relation to point 1 above, it is very difficult to pursue the writing world if it does not generate material rewards to support myself. Unfortunately many readers demand that the “jihad” author of the body of mind produce brilliant writing, continuously, but it does not matter whether the author’s kitchen can be fed.

3) Cultural Barriers. The dominance of the “Javanese flavor” that is really ewuh pakewuh, hesitate to say honestly, the taboo to be honest, make criticism to the author considered threat of death. As a result only authors are indifferent to better able to improve quality. Who can not stand the criticism is drowned and crushed by the wheel of personal animosity.

4) Religious Obstacles. The monopoly of interpretation by religious schools – with its absolute language of power coupled with violence – often precludes the authors from launching critical papers. There are also currents importing Saudi “ghibah” bans, whose essence has been translated into a ban on criticism of religious groups. Oddly groups every day launch “ghibah” through the speakers to people who do not like, which sometimes is not limited.

Every writer must stand up against this group of mentally demented people with an allegedly arbitrary maen voice. Trust the notion that I am merely a religious manipulation for personal gain. So do not take heart.

5) Obstacles of Mentality. Well take this example on the internet in the form of forums and blogs. Very many authors measure the quality of writing from the number of readers and comments and followers. Without realizing it all could be wrong to encourage or comment the basic basa. Or follower pirated results. All false Well later when readers and lonely comments then fell mentally. As if the apocalypse had arrived, the writer vanished. Though it could be a quiet writing in cyberspace very much in demand in the real world.


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