get to know photofgarafy techniques

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography
HDR is a series of techniques used in the field of photography to produce a greater dynamic light range than using standard photography techniques. Non-HDR cameras can only take pictures with a limited lighting range, the results are less detailed in dark or bright areas. While the HDR technique is able to cover this shortcoming by taking many photos at different lighting levels and combining them to produce photos with a wider range of tones. HDR photos can be processed in Photoshop or PhotoMatrix.

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High Speed ​​Photography
High Speed ​​photography is basically a technique of capturing images with a very fast shutter. Shutter speed for high speed photography is much faster, 1/8000 seconds. With a faster shutter speed, photographers can freeze the moment and eliminate blur. Taking high speed photos must use a lens with a wide aperture, bright lighting or the accuracy of ISO settings. Plus the camera must have a good sensor, shutter, and good spotlights.

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Photography Soft Focus
Soft focus photos are produced using a special camera that creates soft lines in slightly blurry photos and sharp edges. This style of photo is often likened to a dreamy or glamorous style that is widely used for fashion or wedding photography. There are several modern cameras that can produce soft focus photos. Or you can use a more economical method by placing a soft focus lens in front of a regular lens and then giving effect to Photoshop.

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Infrared Photography
IR photography is the art of capturing invisible light, so-called the Infra Red color spectrum. At present it is possible to take pictures of IRs using a digital camera. To produce IR photos, you need an IR filter and a tripod. Here the tripod serves as a stabilizer when shooting using a slow shutter speed and small exposure.

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Fisheye Photography
Fisheye utilizes a fisheye lens with a 180 degree circular view. Photographers can produce photos with very different perspectives, whether indoor or outdoor. A super wide angle with a particular focal point can provide different colors in the resulting photo. Initially, a fisheye lens was made to photograph the entire cloud for research purposes in the field of meteorology.

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