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Now the lay has changed. There are many cables and connectors that allow you to connect various devices to the device. The three digital video cables that currently appear are HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Old video cables, including VGA and Composite video, only transmit analog video signals. Even though it’s good for a CRT monitor but it’s not good for an LCD screen. Even though today many LCD TVs and computer monitors can still accept VGA input, generally LCD TVs and computer monitors work perfectly with DVI or HDMI.

Some video cards and video playback devices including Apple TV, do not even include VGA or composite output, and will become a trend in the future. Even though your computer and monitor now work well with VGA, it never hurts to know which digital cable is best if you want to buy a video device later.


The two main digital connectors used by computers and entertainment systems today are HDMI and DVI. DisplayPort is another new connector that is currently included in a number of new computers, and there are also several mini and micro variants of these three cables

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DVI is one of the most common digital video cables on the desktop and LCD monitors today. It resembles a VGA connector, with 24 pins and supporting analogues also video. DVI can stream up to 1920A ~ 1200 HD videos, or with dual-link DVI connectors you can support up to 2560 ~ 1600 pixels. Some DVI cables or ports may have fewer pins because they are designed for low-resolution devices.

So you must pay attention to this. However, if the port contains all the pins, it supports maximum resolution without constraints. The biggest problem with DVI is that, by default, it doesn’t support HDCP encryption, so if your hardware only includes a DVI port, you might not be able to play full HD Blue-ray and other HD content.
vga to dvi konverterYou can connect the DVI to the HDMI port on a new monitor with a mini digital converter. However, because DVI does not support audio, you must use your own cable for audio when connecting to an HDMI port. This makes DVI one of the most used new connectors. It is backward and forward compatible even though it is weak in several ways. You can also connect an old monitor that only has a VGA port to DVI port via DVI to VGA converter if the video output supports analog video.

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HDMI is the default cable on HDTVs, Blue-ray players, Apple TV, new computers and video cards, and many other video devices. Easy to install HDMI cable, as easy as you plug in a USB base device. You just push and play. HDMI cables can stream digital video and audio simultaneously through the same cable.

HDMI cables support up to 1920A ~ 1200 HD videos and 8 audio channels. Also, it supports HDCP encryption on some of the latest HD content. An HDMI cable allows you to connect a computer or video service to a monitor or TV, and it is a standard digital cable.


DisplayPort is another new video connector that is starting to appear on many new devices, especially laptops. It was designed to replace DVI and VGA on a computer, but its use is not as much as DVI or HDMI. However, it has been heavily embedded into new Mac, Dell, HP and Lenovo computers. Actually it is very similar to HDMI, and can stream both the same HD video and audio cables, and can support resolutions up to 1920A ~ 1080 and 8 audio channels on a cable.
The advantage, DisplayPort supports HDCP, so you can use it to play back HD protected content on Blue-ray and much more. You can also connect to an HDMI or DVI port with a converter, because digital signals are compatible. The disadvantages are that a little monitor and TV include the PlayPort port so you have to equip it with a converter if you want to combine latop to the big screen.


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