How the Camera Works Taking Pictures

Principles of How the Camera Works
The working principle of the camera is to capture light. The light enters the camera through the lens (the subject you want to take can be seen first through the viewfinder), and is focused so that it is received by a light sensor that sorts light based on its components. All information about the concentration of light components is converted into digital information and then stored in storage media.
Where does the light enter the camera? light enters the camera through the part called the lens. Light may only pass through the lens portion in the form of a hole (in the form of a circle). The hole here is compared to the camera window to the outside world, and this window has a certain hole size.
Exactly the same when we open our eyes or close our eyes. In the camera itself also has components that can adjust the speed of the hole when we command. By setting these two properties, we can adjust the intensity of the light entering the camera.
The lens function can also adjust the sharpness of focus when taking an object on the camera. The focus is when we can see objects in the clearest visualization, the opposite of what is called blur. When it comes to how the camera works, the focus is when the light that is passed right falls into the field of the camera sensor, such as light passing through the cornea of ​​our eyes and just falling on the retina so we can see the focus on an object.
How the Digital Camera Works
Digital cameras are cameras that use or operate with digital systems. This camera no longer uses films with roll shapes, but uses storage media, namely memory (memory card). Images or photos that have been formed inside the camera can be deleted automatically because this camera is equipped with various means. For example, moving images, zooming in on images and deleting images. If we want to print the resulting photo, just connect it to the computer using the data cable from the cameraman. Inside the computer, a picture can be zoomed or reduced according to what you want, so that digital cameras are more practical.
How the Polaroid Camera Works
For those of you who have never used a polaroid camera at all, you might be confused when using it. Unlike digital cameras that are currently being used by photographers, the workings of polaroid cameras are arguably more unique and instant.
The very basic difference is the result of a photo of a polaroid camera that was printed right away. This is of course if the availability of the contents of the film still exists. on this camera you have to be careful, you can’t just snap there snap like a digital camera if you want to save the contents of the film from a polaroid camera.
How the IP Camera works
The way the IP camera works is different from the usual way of analog CCTV apes. on this Ip camera has a more sophisticated system compared to analog CCTV. IP cameras use network cables that can be installed within 100 meters of a switch or hub. This device has the advantage of being able to access from anywhere because the system uses the internet.
Which will be stored in realtime later into a recording that can be played back when you need it. But this still has disadvantages, namely from the security side because the IP camera is connected by the internet, if the defense is not strong it will be able to be entered by hackers who can damage the network or steal the recorded data.
How DSLR Cameras Work
DSLR or short for Digital Single Lens Reflex. DSLR is a camera that utilizes a mirror inside the camera to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder. The viewfinder is a small hole that is behind the camera where you can peek at a photo object. Why is there a single word for DSLR stands? Is there a double? there’s the name, the TLR camera, aka Twin Lens Reflex. TLR is a technology that is almost extinct and even now there are not many who use it.
The workings of the CCTV camera are not different from other video cameras, which are served as a recording device for an activity or event at a certain time or place. But that is the difference between the way CCTV works with the usual way of working cameras, namely:
CCTV cameras can record all activities or activities automatically and how you can manage the cctv system settings.
Usually cctv cameras are used for security cameras because they can be hidden properly as a surveillance device that is suitable for use as a security camera
How the Camera Obscura Works
Camera obscura which is the first camera in the world was discovered by a Muslim scientist named Ibnu Al-Haitam. This scientist from Iraq is a physics researcher especially in the field of optics.
In the history of camera development, the camera obscura discovered by Al-Haitam has a small hole that is able to make an image of a semi-real image and projected in an upside down position. This camera is not equipped with a lens or the ability to store images. in more detail you can see the article about Understanding Camera Obscura


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