Type of shot or translated in the science of photography as a technique of shooting is a technique to select the area of the frame applied to the subject in accordance with the rules of type of shot that has been determined in general. This rule will be more criticized on photographs that use the human subject in it.

This technique explains the correct rules of choosing the wide area of the frame both wide and narrow and the subject cutting limits by the corresponding frame of the type of shooting technique you are using. This technique is very useful, and you who work as a journalist photographer can apply some type of shot for a special approach such as EDFAT method (read here the material).
As for some shooting techniques (type of shot) are commonly used and very important to know there are:

1. Extreme Long Shot

Also known as Extra Long Shot or Very Long Shot is a shooting technique covering a very large area with the intent to include elements around the main subject into the frame. The frame area of this technique can be broader than the example image above, so the human subject in it will look even smaller.

When using this technique to photograph a human or portrait subject, it is recommended that you search for compositions that can unite the main subject with other elements or conditions around the subject. So as a whole everything on the image looks to be an interesting and relevant entity. Today many use this retrieval technique for photo prewedding creativity that uses a large area.

2. Long Shot

In this technique, shooting only use enough area / fitting to show the whole body of the subject without being cut by the frame. This technique only pouts and prioritizes the main subject and intends to accentuate the subject with its expression and interaction without any truncated body parts.

3. Medium Long Shot

This technique has the same goal as the Long Shot technique. It’s just that in this technique the limits of shooting starts from under the knee of the foot up to the top of the head. The space taken is certainly narrower than the Long Shot technique.

4. Medium Shot

In this technique the shooting area is slightly narrower than the Medium Long Shot technique above that is starting from the waistline or slightly below it up to the top of the head. This technique aims to accentuate more detailed body language from the expression of the subject.

5. Close Up

Close Up shooting technique takes a much narrower area that starts above the waist or under the shoulders to the head. The goal is to tell in detail the expressions and expression of a person’s face. Therefore close-up techniques are often used to photograph people who smile, cry, reflect, and again the current trends used to show the wrinkles of a person’s face to look more dramatic.

6. Big Close Up

This shooting technique will take up a much narrower area than the Close Up technique above. Boundary area that starts from the neck or under the chin to above the forehead or head border. Basically the purpose of this technique is the same as the Close Up technique, it just emphasizes to further detail the expression and facial expression of a person.

7. Extreme Close Up

While the technique of shooting Extreme Close Up only expose certain parts of the face. Generally this technique is used to display the part that is considered attractive from a person’s face like just showing the eyes, nose or lips. This technique is also used to create catalog images or advertisements of cosmetic products, such as nose shots for blackheads cleansers, lip for lipstick, eye for flicker, etc.

When you apply one of the types of shot does not have to be exact, it is understandable if the frame settings may be less or less. Most importantly your picture fills the character of one of the type of shot guidelines, and it would be much better if you apply them correctly.


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