Photography as a Communication Media

At first the use of photo cameras was limited to objects that were accustomed to being seen by the eye, such as pictures of landscapes and so on.
In the next stage, humans are increasingly aware that photos can be used as a means of delivering messages.
In delivering messages, photos have advantages that cannot be matched by other media, especially in the truth and originality of a fact.
On the other hand, photos tell stories universally and can be understood by everyone regardless of education level.
AnyaThe presence of photos in a message raises interest in enjoying the information presented by the media so that it gives an impression to the recipient of the message
A photo has the ability in detail, directly, and the audience does not require a process of deciphering thoughts as well as written news
Therefore photos are “honest” without adding or reducing the details of an event.
Photography is a form of non-verbal communication, namely communication using images. 
Photography is a form of expression from a photographer about what he sees. 
So why is the photo so important? Because photos are one of the visual media for recording / perpetuating an event. Photos can be used as useful publicity material. A photo can tell without a long explanation.
In Indonesia the world of photography is also growing rapidly, from the beginning of independence we have had reliable photographers such as Alex and Frans Mendur to names like Arbain Rambey and Darwis Triadi.


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