••Understanding Photography Is Art••
If the notion of photography is the process of art painting with light media, then everyone can do photography if they have a camera, but can everyone produce an art?
Art is something created by humans that contains elements of beauty or essence of creativity.
The most important art in photography is composition, with a good composition, the photos produced will have meaning and stories that can be conveyed.
Producing Good Photos in the Photography Process
To produce a good or interesting work there are several factors, the most important factor is the lighting factor, without good light or lighting it will be too difficult to produce good work, for that the second factor is needed.

The development of photography in Indonesia has always been related and flowed along the socio-political momentum of the nation’s journey, starting from the momentum of changes in colonial political policy, the revolution of independence, the economic boom in the early 1980s, to the 1998 Reformation.
In 1841, a Dutch health employee named Juriaan Munich received an order from the Colonial Ministry to land in Batavia with a daotreotype.
Munich was given the task of capturing plants and natural conditions in Indonesia as a way to get information about natural conditions.
Since then, the camera has become part of the modern technology used by the Government of the Netherlands to implement its new policy.
The control and control of colonies is no longer done by building fortifications or placing troops and cannons, but by mastering modern transportation and communication technology.
Within this framework, photography functions through colonial administrative workers, court officials, military officers, and missionaries.
That setting explains why during the 100 years of photography in Indonesia (1841-1941) the mastery of this tool was exclusively in the hands of Europeans, few Chinese, and Japanese.
Based on surveys and research results in commercial photo studios in the Dutch East Indies about photographs from 1850 to 1940, out of 540 photo studios in 75 cities and towns, there were 315 European names, 186 Chinese, 45 Japanese , and only four local Indonesian people, one of whom was Kasian Cephas.
Kasian Cephas is a native local citizen.
He was born on February 15, 1844 in Yogyakarta. Cephas is actually a native native who was later adopted as a child by the couple Adrianus Schalk and Eta philippine Kreeft, then schooled in the Netherlands.
Cephas was the first to introduce the world of photography to Indonesia. However, Indonesia’s historical literature rarely mentions its name as the first native to a career as a professional photographer.
Kassian Cephas’s name began to be traced to his oldest photographic work made in 1875.
It took almost a hundred years for this nation to truly know the world of photography. The entry of Japan in 1942 has created an opportunity for the Indonesian people to absorb this technology.
For the sake of its propaganda needs, Japan began training Indonesians to become photographers to work in their news agency, Domei.
At that time the name Mendur Brothers appeared. It is they who form a new image of the Indonesian nation.
Through photography, Mendur brothers tried to lead the mentality of this nation to become mentally equal and equal.
Frans Mendur with his brother, Alex Mendur, also became an icon for the world of national photographers.
They often record important events for this country, one of which is capturing the seconds of reading the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.
This is the momentum when photography really “got” to Indonesia, when the camera changed hands and Indonesians began to represent themselves.


In the world of photography there are many types of specific photography that you can follow according to your passion. Each type of photography has different techniques and skills.
Do you know what type of photography you are interested in? Come on, check ten types of popular photography and find out what kind of photography you are!
1. Photography Landscape
If you love photography and have a tendency to look around the beautiful scenery around you or traveling to beautiful places then capture the natural photos.
You must be interested in landscape photography. Photography landscape is sought after by media houses. You can find cool photo landscape works on “National Geographic”
2. Wildlife Photography
A photography genre that focuses on animals and their natural habitat is called wildlife photography.
Animal behavior in the wild is also an object for wildlife photography.
some of these photos are printed in journals and casts. Many people practice this type of photography.
But it’s not an easy thing because in addition to a sophisticated camera, a good lens, a powerful flashlight, you also need extra patience to shoot captivating photos.
3. Aerial Photography (Aerial Photography)
Aerial photography is a type of photography where photos are taken from the air by plane, balloon, parachute or taken from the top of a skyscraper. These photos give a larger view of the subject and background.
4. Sports Photography
This genre of photography specializes in capturing the decisive moments in a sporting event. Sports photography is a difficult type of photography, because it requires a lot of training and adequate equipment.
5. Portrait Photography
One type of photography with the oldest age is portrait photography. Portrait photography is everything about capturing a person’s mood with expression.
This type does not need to use a professional model, it can take pictures of family members. There are many ways to make beautiful portrait photos.
6. Architectural Photography
Architectural photography is photography that deals with taking photos of a structure of a house or building from different angles.
The main purpose of architectural photography is to create a positive impact on potential real estate buyers.
7. Wedding / Photography Events
It can be said that new photographers started their careers by practicing photographing weddings or photography events.
But this does not mean that wedding photography does not require any skills. If you have been involved in wedding photography, you must have good skills in editing.
8. Fashion Photography
Fashion photography is photographing models with glamorous lighting and also besides photographer models photographing fashion items such as bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, or make up.
This type of photography is usually widely used in the world of advertising and fashion magazines.
9. Photography Macros
Macro photography is a type of photography where images are shot with a closer range to display the details of the subject matter that you want to highlight. Interesting subjects from macro photography are flowers, insects, textures from sweaters, or baskets.
10) Baby / Family Photography
Baby / family photography is another popular type of photography. Baby / family photography is carried out when the family usually just has a newborn baby.
Different expressions of babies along with family members who are targeted in this type of photography. The whole family comes together to freeze a photo session that can be done indoors or outdoors.

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