Requirement to Become an Editor

Requirement to Become an Editor
1. Can write
One of the editor’s primary duties is to judge the author’s text. If you’re a writer, are you willing your writing is judged by someone who can not write? How would the editor judge writing if he himself could not write? Editor must be able to write. The ability to write editors is also useful for writing book summaries and short biographies of book authors.
2. Likes to Read
Editor’s work can not be separated from reading, even the editor’s main job is reading the script. Not just reading, but also assessing the manuscript read, improve the quality of spelling and grammar. What happens if the editor does not like to read? Reading also will automatically add insight and knowledge. It will be very useful for an editor.
3. Spelling and Grammar
Other editorial tasks that are not less important are improving spelling and grammar. Not all writers know the rules of spelling and grammar. Editors are required to understand the use of capital letters, italics, beheading, acronyms, punctuation, etc. In addition, the editor must also master the grammar of Indonesia, knowing which sentences are effective and which are not. Whether the right writing is hit or beaten, criticized or criticized, etc. Well, it’s hard for editor’s job? Take it easy, you do not have to master it all. You only need to have the current Enhanced Spelling book and the book on standard grammar. Do not just buy, yes, diligent-rajinlah read.
4. Befriend the Dictionary
A linguist may not even memorize all the standard words and definitions, let alone an editor. Therefore, the editor must be friendly with the dictionary. Every time there is a word that is less familiar in his ears, he should check the word in the dictionary. In fact, even familiar words, he must find out in the dictionary. What is a standard pharmacy or pharmacy? Practice or practice? All that you can find out in the dictionary.
5. Thorough and Patient
An editor will usually read one manuscript several times. Therefore, editors need to have patience with the script being edited. Without patience, surely he will lose his precision. As a result, many forgotten edited sentences escaped his observations. Are you careful enough and patient to do this job?
6. Mastering Certain Fields
This requirement must be owned by the editor, the contents of the content editor. He will examine the contents of a manuscript. The book’s editor of mathematics, for example, must have knowledge in mathematics. Without it, how can he fill the contents of the manuscript is right or not? A coffee editor that needs to be filled in is also required. He simply equip himself with dictionary terms according to the field of manuscripts that again edited.
7. Can Foreign Language
Editor who wrestle with mandatory language book language, minimum english is active. His ability is useful to assess whether the translation results are appropriate or not. If you only speak a foreign language, the choice of the original Indonesian book editor is more appropriate. That would be a plus for you.

8. Knowing the Writer’s Style
Each writer must have his own style, especially for literary texts. In a short story, Seno Gumira Ajidarma once made a compound sentence that lengths along the paragraph. If the editor does not know Seno’s style, he will definitely change the sentence, then Seno deliberately make the sentence as a form of aesthetic exploration. If you want to be an editor, you need to know each other.
9. Knowing the Code of Ethics Editing Manuscript
The editor should know which ones to do and which ones should not be done in editing the manuscript. Without that knowledge, he could misstep. In the introduction to Olenka, Budi Darma narrates about his short story script “mastered” by the magazine editor. The editor becomes another “writer” in the short story script. Dodol, the short story changed. Anything, anyway, the code of ethics editor? Spoila will be present in a separate article. [Spoila]


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