The Field of Work of a Television Broadcaster

       The Field of Work of a Television Broadcaster

              The term or designation for broadcast television is not something new, it has been so long ago. The name is usually used by those who work in the production of television programs, but full of parts that fit with his expertise. The job of being a broadcaster (a name for those working in broadcasting) is very exciting even the many challenges they face every day. Then what is in the television broadcast, well here are those who are involved in this field:

  • Director (television director)

Directed or directed in English. The achievement of the visual language is not just during production, it must also be able to visualize until postproduction / editing (post production).

  • Director of Art

What is the term for Artistic Art Director of a production. Or another term is the Head of Artistic Division, responsible for artistic arrangement and all things related to what will appear in front of the screen. He will be responsible for the overall supportive art such as property, accessories, costumes, makeup and wardrobe.

  • Videographer (Camera Camera) – Camera Person
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Cameraman is a person who uses all the needs of the image based on the script (blue print) which has been translated into the visual language. In visual works of fiction and non fiction a cameraman works on the orders of the director. While in the making of news he worked as a journalist, was taking pictures based on the needs of the news script he wrote.

  • Script Writer (Scriptwriter)

Scriptwriter is a broadcaster who keeps a script for the needs of a television program.

  • Editor

The editor is the person responsible for postproduction by editing or image editing process, until a program is eligible to be aired or broadcast. In Indonesia an editor is required to create credit titles, subtitles and some graphical effects and video / image transitions. In another sense an editor likened to a second director for being able to give the final touch.

           These areas of work become an absolute necessity in the world of broadcast television. Let’s try to count how many television programs are running today every day. Say in one day television broadcast television programs such as features (light programs) such as sightseeing, culinary, biography of famous people, and others. In the production of tv programs tersbeut minimum crew required: Director (concurrently Producer), Camera person, Scriptwriter (concurrent reporter), art director, audio stylist, and editor. If in one production there are 6 people, if the television station has 6 feature programs there are 36 people who entered the crew. What if there are 10 television stations then it requires about 360 capable people in that field.


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