Tips for Model Photo Photography Tricks

Photographing models (modeling photography), almost the same technique as taking photographs
other objects, only have special differences. The difference is in the object we are
photos, namely “humans” whether male or female, small adults and old people. Many
elements that influence our results when photographing humans. Well, therefore, the following
some things we need to pay attention to when photographing models or humans.

••The condition of the model••
Before talking a lot about the model, there are several main factors that are the main judgments in photographing humans, including: model pose, expression, location, composition, angle, costum, wardrop, makeup, supporting background, and proper lighting!
Now, now, talk about the model’s condition. A good photo model is a photo that has a good mood. This condition can be divided again into the physical state of the model (such as body posture, the model’s height) and mental conditions (such as the model’s mood, facial expressions, the model’s positional skills). This will greatly affect the good or bad of the photos we will produce.
A good model is one who has a strong commitment to his work. Under any circumstances, when he is in a photo shoot he will adjust his mood
A good model will also be very easy to adjust the pose and expression with the theme
needed by photographers. But, sometimes, the role of the photographer is also very important at
here. We as photographers also have to be smart in managing our model’s poses and expressions.
This is except for shooting people for candid, journalistic or street photography,
The photographer will depend on the moment and the right conditions at that time. Moment
the right, the right timing, and good conditions are the most beautiful gifts for photographers.

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••Costumes & Make up••
The next most important point in modeling photography is related to costumes or
the clothes used by the model. Look for clothes or the right constitution for the model.
Make him comfortable when wearing these clothes. Do not let the model feel the clothes
too tight, too small, or too big etc. This will affect the pose and
the model’s expression.
So is the make-up. A good make-up will surely know what he is like
will make the model’s face in accordance with the theme desired by the photographer. Be careful
be careful about costumes and make-up, because it will greatly affect the results of our photos.

Why location? Because it will be able to support or not with the theme desired by
we as photographers. Look for the right location with the theme we want. As
for example, if the photo we want is a fashion photo, then look for a location where the background is not too crowded because what we will highlight (POI) is clothes that
used by the model.
Oh yeah, the location is extreme, the sun is too hot, or the air is too cold,
will also affect the comfort of the mode l. So, find the time and location

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Why lighting? Because there is a theory that says that, hard lighting is more appropriate for men, while soft lighting is right for women.
Fashion photos also need the right lighting to bring out the details of the clothes or clothes that we are going to promote. Take the right decision for this light problem.
Accuracy of processed post-shooting
The next thing we need to pay attention to is processing (digital imaging) after shooting. At certain times, according to consumer needs, we sometimes need to process a little or a lot of our results. Look closely and the photo details that we have produced. Do we need to change the color tone? Many or not the model pimples? Do not let the model and our customers feel bad, overweight, lots of zits after seeing our shots.
Next to fashion photos, is there enough color / tone of clothing worn by the model? Based on my experience, be careful about this. Do not get the color of the shirt or
the clothes that are supposed to be selling our customers change color. Can be angry
later our consumers!

••Retrieving angle and composition••
This is a technical matter and very important. The easiest tips are, take a picture of our object parallel to the object. Don’t use low angle or from above. That way, the photos we produce will be the same as the objects we photograph.
Indeed, the low angle is right for the male model (man model) and will make the model
we photos become taller and dashing. However, for fashion photos this is not right
because there will be a distortion in the clothes used by the model.
For model photos, we must be observant in the model’s details. Sometimes, on the face or body
the model has certain specifications. Sometimes, there is a model in the photo from the left that is not good enough,
but if the photo from the right will be more handsome or beautiful. Look at the model’s details, start
from hair to toe.
So, be careful with this angle and composition. Think well of that theme
we will want!
Forgive it!
One more important thing in painting models, namely communication. Being a photographer is not
only requires technical ability or experience. However, also the flexibility inside
communicate. This last requirement is especially needed when shooting models.
The purpose of flexibility is, the photographer must be able to communicate well so that
creating a comfortable atmosphere. If this happens, the photographer will be easier to direct
the model. The desired expression will also come out well.
So, don’t be stiff! If we are stiff, we will also find it difficult to direct the model!

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