Shaking or vibration of the camera is a very disturbing thing for every photographer, because it will give a less good effect for your photos. For this reason, here are some ways to avoid the shake / vibration of your camera. First, you need to learn how to hold your camera properly: Use both hands, the one around the body and the other around the lens, then hold your camera close to your body. Second, make sure that you use a shutter speed that matches your focus lens. So if you use a 100 mm lens, then the position of your shutter speed should not be lower than 1/100 of a second.
    Try to keep carrying or even using a tripod while you are shooting. Using a tripod during shooting both day and night seems to be a clear and simple answer to the question of what to bring when going out to take pictures at night (this does not involve the use of flash). Carrying a tripod while shooting can help you produce photos that look very natural. When your camera is placed on a tripod, your camera will not move while taking pictures. You can activate the shutter button as long as you want, and collect as much natural light as you need to give a clear view of beautiful and good lighting.
    Besides the Tripod, bring it along with your shutter release or it can also be a self-timer. Because if you forget to bring the shutter release you can use the self timer, so that the time lag between the button pressed and the image you want to take has enough space, so that the vibration generated by the hand will disappear. With this tool, the user does not need to touch the shutter button on the camera, it is sufficiently controlled and your shots will be vibration free.
    If you have more budget, buy a high-priced tripod because it certainly has a different quality in producing quality images compared to a cheap tripod that can be damaged quickly and less able to hold the camera from vibration. When using a tripod, make sure all three legs are on a sturdy and flat surface.
    Shutter Speed. Make sure you set your shutter speed properly when you start shooting, because the length of your focus distance will be a problem if you experience vibration or swaying so it gives a less good effect for your photos. To overcome this, make sure your shutter speed is higher than the length of your focus. For example, if the length of your focus distance is 200 mm then set your shutter speed to 1/250 seconds or faster. This also means you can take pictures by adjusting your shutter speed in a slow position when you want to take pictures on a wider area such as 1/20 seconds with a focal length of 18 mm.
    Although this will not be enough to help if your subject moves too fast, don’t forget to use an anti-shake system on your camera. Although not every lens will display this technology, but if you have it – then use it.
    ISO (International Standard Organization). ISO is a measure of the sensitivity of a digital sensor to light. Many people often move when they want to be photographed, not to mention the opening of their eyes (flickering) and constantly changing their facial expressions – and there are no photos worse than a photo of someone with blinking eyes instead of smiling . To avoid this problem, and to prevent motion blur from appearing, you need to set the shutter speed in a fast position. This will also help to ensure the sharpness of your photos and avoid interference that can occur on your camera such as vibration or shake during shooting. In low amounts of light, you need to increase your ISO to 1,600, 3,200 or even 6,400, to avoid poor results.
    The light comes out by passing through your camera lens hole to get a background image where the image sensor is located. The bigger or wider the aperture you use, the greater the amount of light that can enter through your camera’s sensor. If you have a lens hole that is wide open, then you can take good and clear pictures even if you are under low lighting conditions without having to use a tripod or flash (flash).
    Raw is a type of camera file format that is almost the same as jpeg. But the resulting file format is not compressed so that the size is much larger than jpeg. That is why it is important to pay attention to your camera’s memory card capacity when taking pictures in raw. Even if it’s big, set your digital camera to take pictures in RAW, because it’s very useful especially for beginners of photography SLRs. If the style setting for your photo is wrong while taking a picture or setting the camera for the white balance is not appropriate, then you can change it later by using the RAW editor on your computer. There will also be a time when you only get one chance to take photos. For example, birds will not fly back to the past where you were setting up your white balance camera, causing you to miss the opportunity to take the picture.
    If you haven’t used raw format for shooting, start eating it now. Indeed, at first it was a bit stiff, but hold on. By doing this you will be rewarded with richer and more colorful images, because you have more control during processing (post-photo inspection). Try a number of different RAW converters until you find the right one for you. You can usually get it through free trials of various software. If you have to choose, then choose adobe lightroom for your raw converter. With Adobe Lightroom, you can process your images to your liking. So, use the raw format every time you want to take a picture.
    Almost all cameras have settings “night portrait mode (night portrait mode). Don’t forget to use night portrait mode when shooting at night. For a photographer, the reason behind taking pictures at night is to get a picture with lighting that is as natural as possible to the subject and its surroundings.
    If a photographer uses automatic mode on his camera, then the light produced will appear lit and look natural, so that night portrait mode that is active directly will slow down the shutter speed so that it provides enough space for light to enter the camera sensor, and provide sufficient time to only illuminate the object or person in the front of the background. Slow shutter speed, when combined with the right lighting, will help you get images with a very natural light display.
    Remember that shooting at night using “night portrait mode” has a significant effect on the quality of the image taken, because of the combination of several lights, for example, the lights on the roadside and the colorful display of clothes from various passers-by, thus forming interesting photos with lighting that looks very natural.


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