Architectural Photography

Old-style architecture
Buildings or buildings with old / classic architecture indeed often attract our attention, you feel like they are waving to be photographed and immortalized. Alay really is, but indeed the old architecture feels very interesting to photograph. For example, this classic style house from RumahKlasik is one of the objects of architectural photography that is really cool. In architectural photography the classic style of composition that is simple and to-the-point is the recommended photography style, because with a simple composition it will show the beauty and elegant shape of the building that is our object. Incorporating elements of the scenery around the object is also not a bad idea to make the photo not look too narrow.
. Modern architecture
Modern architecture is equally interesting with classical-style architecture. Buildings with a modern style always make us wonder and amazed by their unusual shape. Likewise, by photographing this modern-style architecture, an unusual photographic approach can also be used when photographing modern architecture, including the use of even abstract styles. Experimenting with a wide lens to make extreme viewpoints can also be a good option, for example in the photo below is the Gramedia Expo building which is one of the modern-style buildings in Surabaya.
Equipment needed
Before you “fight” you, we have to prepare equipment that can support your type of photography. Here are some suggestions from Studiostar7 for you to be able to capture architectural photography more fun and okay.
Global broom lens
This universal broom lens is the best and cheapest solution in our opinion for you to do architectural photography. What is the world broom lens? The world sweep lens is a lens that has a wide focal variable, for example for Canon 18-135 and Nikon 18-105. Why is this lens suitable for architectural photography? First, it has an 18mm focal which is wide enough to capture the corners of modern architecture, and secondly it has a lens focal that is longer than 50mm for conditions where we want to avoid distortion in the photo.
Just make your information, the wider the lens, the more likely it is to be distorted, so the image will be drawn like that, especially if you shoot it from extreme angles, the distortion will be more noticeable.
Tips (Additional) Photographing Architecture
There are interesting things that can be done when doing architectural photography, don’t make conditions a barrier to architectural photography. One of the tips you can do is:
Play black and white
There are times when we are photographing architecture at night we are not with a favorite tripod, so the thing that can be done is to increase the intensity of the ISO in order to capture brighter images. But increasing this ISO has consequences, which is an image that has a lot of noise. To overcome this, we can outsmart the photo by giving a black and white effect, the black and white effect will “forgive” the noise and the result will be like we do photos with old photo styles.
Take additional decorations by photographing details
Tambahan additional details
By adding a detailed portrait of the decoration of objects that are near the object of architecture, we will be able to make a story from the photo. To get the atmosphere, we can capture close-up photos of decorations, or statues around it. This can add variety and give stories about what happened at that place.


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