5 Tips for Outdoor Photography for Beginners

••Avoid daylight••
Natural lighting is indeed the best friend to take photos, but avoid sunlight during the day. That’s when the sun is right above the head and shines its brightest light. Camera Sahabat Photography will only be exposed to light that is too “hard” and cannot be controlled. The strong light is also usually accompanied by a fairly sharp shadow. Therefore, if Photography Friends do have to take pictures during the day, do so by standing in the shadow. This method will create a dramatic effect on the results of the photo.

••Always Use the RAW Format••
If possible, set the Photography Companion camera to capture images in RAW format. Basically, photo files in the RAW format are versions that have not been modified at all, generated directly from the Sahabat Photography camera photo sensor. Photos in RAW format contain a large number of pixels when compared to the JPEG format. Maybe it will take up more memory card storage capacity, but setting photos in RAW format gives more flexibility in Photography Friends to adjust photos in the editing process.

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••Focus on the Eyes When Photographing People••
Outdoor photography does not always offer landscape or landscape images as objects. On several occasions, perhaps Friends of Photography were asked to take pictures of outdoor models or just take pictures of friends. Whatever the moment, while photographing people outside the room, focus on their eyes, especially if Photography Friends take photos in portrait form. The eye is the most “sharp” element of a person’s face. When Friends Photography focuses on the eyes, the lens will apply the bokeh technique to the background by itself.

••Lowest ISO possible••
The amount of ISO in photography is related to the sensitivity of light received by the camera. The larger the ISO, the less light the Photography Friend needs to take pictures. Unfortunately, high sensitivity to light can cause noise in images that Friend Photography produces. Therefore, try to always set the ISO at the lowest level possible. Not that Friends of Photography should not raise ISO. Sometimes, when required to photograph fast-moving objects, Friends of Photography must use a fast shutter speed as well. Well, noise in photos due to high ISO will be more difficult to see.

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••Use the Polarization Filter••
If Friends of Photography often take pictures outdoors, it’s best to use a polarizing filter to attach to the camera. This tool allows the camera to take pictures by allowing light to enter at a certain angle. So, if Friends of Photography plays filters according to their wishes, Friends of Photography can eliminate glare from the sun. Not only that, the polarization filter is also able to eliminate reflections that arise when Friends of Photography take photos of windows, water, and so on.
After this, there is no reason to produce the right kind of outdoor photography, huh? So that the results of the photos obtained can be more stable, there is no harm in using a tripod. Although it is quite troublesome because it has to carry it everywhere, Friends of Photography will definitely be more satisfied with the results of outdoor photography taken.


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