5 Tips How to Make Timelapse Video in Smartphone

5 Tips How to Make Timelapse Video with Your Smartphone

You’ve seen the video metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly in a short time? Or a view of the sky changed from morning, noon, afternoon, evening, very quickly? Cool, right? As if time can be shortened up to the events that take hours, even days can be seen in a few seconds. For example, in the video works of Christoph Rehage Tower of Pisa is the following:
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However, the actual making of such video takes a long time. Cameras were placed in a fixed position to shoot one every few seconds, minutes, or hours depending on the desired duration of the video. Then, an image that has been collected together into a video. This photographic technique called time-lapse.

Is usually on the use of camera, camcorder or DSLR camera.

Currently, the smartphone also can be used to create time-lapse video. For example, an iPhone with iOS 8 and above, or Asus Zenfone use PixelMaster Camera. Can also use third-party applications.

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To create a time-lapse video of cool, obviously can not be random. Well, this time we want to share a video with tips to create time-lapse.

5 Tips How to Make Timelapse Video with Your Smartphone

1. Planning

Failing to plan same with planning for failure. You have to know first what kind of video you want to create. Determine the theme, object, location, and duration of time-lapse video you well.

2. Make sure the battery is full
Charge the battery Your smartphone up to full. Or use POWERBANK if you need a longer duration. Not funny, if you’re recording a sunset, but fitting a new sun goes down, your smartphone even low-batt.

3. Use a Mini Tripod

Are you sure, you can hold the smartphone for many hours without feel sore? Sure what your video will not shake hands because you trembling? Well, the tripod is the most important weapon in making time-lapse video. Because with a tripod, your smartphone will be in a fixed position for a long time. Unless knock!

4. Choose the best angle

During the recording process, you can no longer, change the camera position toward the other smartphones. In fact, as much as possible do not touch your smartphone! So choose the best camera angle that you can get. Provide more time to find the angle that really fit, but not to lose the moment okay!

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5. General settings Camera and Focus

Adjust the resolution of the camera, filters, ISO, white balance, exposure, and so forth with the optimal settings as needed. Focus camera must also be very accurate. You will cry blood when it makes the video all day but the result is fuzzy or blurred.

Well, after reading the tips, it’s time for you to make a time-lapse video of the coolest version of your own. Have a good fight! If you have any other info, opinion, or question, please write a comment below through this column.


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