7 Ways to Use Fix Lenses for Maximum Results

1. Focusing on Objects
As is well known that focus is the main factor that must be ensured in taking pictures. Therefore, adjust the focus to the object by taking a close but directed picture.

2. Taking Pictures Closely
Related to the first point, the distance of objects must be considered in shooting using a fixed lens. However, try not to get too close so that the focus is maintained.

3. Take advantage of Aperture
One of the advantages of using a fix lens is that it allows you to photograph objects in low light conditions by playing the aperture.

4. Wide Fix for Special Sessions
For those of you who like to travel and want live shooting or street photography, take advantage of the presence of a wide fix lens to get amazing results. In addition, the resulting image will be fully visualized.

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5. Portrait Shooting
Taking pictures in portrait does not mean that you cannot take pictures wide open or landscape. However, this is applied because not all subjects are able to be in the right quality when photographed in wide open or landscape situations.

6. Mastering Manual Focus
The mastery of manual techniques is focused on the old fix lenses. This is because the old fix lens does not have autofocus like the latest fix lens.

7. Active Moves For Awesome Results
Because a fix lens is a lens that cannot be zoomed, you must be active to get the right angle in shooting so that the results of the images obtained will be maximum.
Well, that’s a number of ways you can do to get maximum image results using a fix lens. Good luck, don’t forget to apply the existing knowledge.

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